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00s Sci-Fi Cult Classic Movies

Cult classics? In the last decade?! It's more likely than you think. These are 00s sci-fi cult classic movies you may have forgotten about.

Last decade was definitely not a golden age in science fiction. In fact, many people believe it might have been one of the worst times out there for sci-fi. However, this decade wasn't entirely bad. 

There were some awesome 00s sci-fi cult classic movies that did change the way people viewed the genre — even if they were few and far between. If you don't remember any, don't worry; it's common enough to hear that complaint. 

Even so, the following cult classic movies will definitely jog your memory and make you thankful for the first decade of the new millennium. 


Few sci-fi films will ever get the respect that Sunshine did from critics, and there's good reason why this was. Sure, there was a lot of high-budget effects and a lot of slasher-style gore, but what Sunshine accomplished was difficult to follow up. 

Simply put, it had one of the most well-written storylines, with an incredibly realistic atmosphere throughout the movie. In Sunshine, actors really did behave like actual human beings, making the entire storyline one that pit humanity against its own nature. 

Thanks to its raw and gritty style, Sunshine gained a massive following and deserves to be one of the top 00s sci-fi cult classic movies discussed on here. 

Donnie Darko

2001's Donnie Darko had to be one of the most well-known 00s sci-fi cult classics to ever continue its popularity for decades after. It's incredibly trippy, and is one of the most bizarre sci-fi films ever created. 

The entire premise of Donnie Darko involves a boy seeing a hideous 6-foot-tall rabbit named Frank, warning him about the end of the universe, and having him listen to Frank's instructions to save the world. 

Despite the surreal premise, the movie perfectly captured the angst and fake veneer of suburban life as a high schooler, and that really resonated with audiences across the nation. 

At the time of its release, Donnie Darko had a huge following of fans — along with a lot of merchandise at Hot Topic. Even today, it's a goth staple for a reason: it's just that brilliant. 


If you love classic time travel flicks, you'll understand why Primer was such a hit with audiences back in the early aughts. As one of the only real 00s sci-fi cult classic movies to openly discuss the full potentiality of time travel and use real rules in its writing, Primer is a hard movie to grasp fully. 

It's intellectual, and has layers upon layers of writing involved in its script. As such, you usually have to watch it a couple of times to understand what's going on. But, trust us, it's a very rewarding film to discover once the plot fully "clicks" with you. 

Star Trek

Admittedly, this isn't really one of the "fringe" titles among 00s sci-fi cult classic movies. Its cult following is, of course, Trekkies. However, we'd be lying if we didn't say that this has a lot of awesome scenes and great effects everyone could enjoy. 

There's a lot of campy jokes that poke fun at Star Trek's low-budget roots, as well as a classic "green alien" girl joke, too. So, if you love tongue-in-cheek humor involving cult classic movies of yore, you'll get a kick out of the subtle writing in this, too. 

Oh, and you get a very sexy young Spock in this, too. That alone is reason to rent it. 


Few anime-based 00s sci-fi cult classic movies have gotten as much recognition as Paprika, and it's easy to see why. This anime flick is as trippy as it gets, and is creative to the point that it's baffling how anyone could have even thought of the concept. 

Part of Paprika's success is the fact that it's all about a machine that can let people enter dreams — and the way it incorporates bizarre, dreamlike imagery in every scene it has. The other part? Well, it's probably the beautiful animation and mesmerizing writing. 

This is a deep movie for thinkers, and pure eye candy for visual fans. Watching it is a great way to spend time, and it will convince you that it's the Akira of the 2000s. 


Firefly was the basis of the movie, Serenity, and that alone lands it among one of the most popular 00s sci-fi cult classic movies on this list. It's got great characters, awesome special effects, and of course, plenty of cool shots worthy of posters on living room walls. 

A great storyline, which doesn't lean on the television series too much, made Serenity a hit in theaters, all while giving Firefly fans a great final farewell to the now-cancelled show. Even today, it's a cult classic movie worth watching again and again. 


If you're into Japanese movies, then you already know that Casshern tops the list of the best Japanese movies to enter lists of 00s sci-fi cult classic movies. 

The premise of the movie is based on the TV anime, Casshern Sins, and follows the struggle of the last surviving humans following years of war, pollution, and sickness — and the Neosapiens who they accidentally created from the deceased bodies of genocide victims. 

The movie asks hard-hitting questions while delivering breathtaking scenery, striking metaphors, and some of the most emotional acting you will ever see. For people who want to watch science fiction turn into humbling high art, Casshern is a must-see. 

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

If you're a fan of seriously cheesy sci-fi campiness, then look no further than one of the most hilariously bad movies of the 00s. It's purposefully bad, in the same way that Mystery Science Theater is bad, and that's what makes it so darn good. 

Curious what it is?

Fans of 00s sci-fi cult classic movies already know this title — The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. It's a mock sci-fi flick that has aliens, two random skeletons, and some people with a dog all looking for the lost element of "atmospherium." 

Sci-fi fans who are really into camp probably already played the drinking game associated with it. It's hilarious, and you will be cracking up mid-drink. Enjoy its cheesiness, because it really is dangerously cheesy and lampoons the bad science fiction movies of the 50s perfectly. 

Attack the Block

Science fiction asks many questions. It asks us what the nature of humanity is. It also asks us what the nature of the world is, and the nature of our dreams. Attack the Block doesn't ask us any of these questions. Rather, it asks us, "Who would win: aliens or gangsters?"

That crazy premise starts one of the most hilarious 00s sci-fi cult classic movies out there, and yes, it's from the UK. Classic British humor shows what happens when it's up to a teenage gang to protect the entire world from aliens. 

You'll laugh, and you'll wonder what they were smoking when they wrote it. That's what makes it one of the better cult classics of 2000s science fiction. 

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00s Sci-Fi Cult Classic Movies
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