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10 Best Science Fantasy TV Shows on Netflix

Do you love sci-fi shows? Do you also enjoy fantasy? Then you need to check out these ten best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix!

Of all the different genres in the current TV landscape, none has produced more exciting shows than science fantasy. Science fantasy shows are all over the place these days, they're multiplying like rabbits and attracting a ton of viewers. Not only that, but most are garnering critical acclaim as well. Throw in Netflix, a streaming service that allows people to watch endless hours of their favorite content without feeling guilty (besides that pesky "Are you still watching?" message that comes up, the answer is always yes, Netflix), and suddenly there is more demand than ever before for quality fantasy/sci-fi shows. With so many shows dropping all the time, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Fear not, I have compiled this list to solve that very problem. So without further ado, here are the ten best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is first on my list of the best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix. This Victorian era TV series follows a few interesting characters as they encounter some of the most famous characters in fiction. Some of the names include: Dracula, Mena Murray, Dr. Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster (duh), Van Helsing, Dr. Jekyll, and Dorian Gray. Think The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, but much better. 

The Magicians

The Magicians is what every Harry Potter fan needs in their life. It has a school for witchcraft and wizardry (though they probably aren't allowed to call it that in order to avoid the most dangerous magic of all, copyright lawsuit-osis), eager students trying to learn magic, and plot twists galore. It is confusing at times, occasionally making you feel lost in space, but it stays grounded enough to keep you coming back for more. There are two seasons currently on Netflix, with the third coming soon hopefully.

Black Mirror

The créme de la creepy takes the next spot on the ten best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix. Black Mirror slightly edges out The Twilight Zone for this spot due to its popularity and the fact that its technological creepiness relates more to today's society.

Every episode creates a new story with new characters and offers a unique view at how technology might evolve in the future. There have been 19 total episodes since it has debuted and Black Mirror season four had some of the best, showcasing that this TV series is not slowing down by any means. 

The Returned

Giving Black Mirror the most intense competition in the creepy olympics, The Returned is next on my list of the ten best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix. With the series based off the smash international hit of the same name, it follows a small town whose residents suddenly have their loved ones 'returning' from the dead. The trailer gives off eerie vibes that completely hook you from the start. Is there anything creepier than children who say sinister, out of the blue statements in a high-pitched tone? No, no there isn't.


Requiem finishes with the bronze in the creepy olympics, so close! Yet another hair-raising TV series, Requiem follows a star cellist as she finds evidence linking her mother to the disappearance of a random girl, 23 years prior. This could clearly win gold on the trailer alone, but the lack of creepy children in the trailer places this series just below second place. Requiem combines drama, psychological thrills, and mystery. A creepy yet interesting show that deserves your time.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a spooky throwback that has it all: crime, mystery, drama, and even the supernatural (the dream sequence being especially out there). It has become a cult phenomenon since it aired in 1990. It maintained its popularity for so long that it spawned a Twin Peaks reboot in 2017, which had 18 episodes and saw leading man Kyle MacLachlan return as special agent Dale Cooper. With a new series out, it is the perfect time to rewatch the cult classic. 

Hemlock Grove

You know how Tommy Wiseau's The Room is so bad that it actually is the greates movie ever made? That's sort of how it is for this genre and Hemlock Grove. It doesn't quite reach the catastrophic levels of the The Room (nothing ever will sadly), but it tries its best. Hemlock Grove currently sits at an uncomfortable 38 percent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. While the critics have bashed it, it has a remarkable 70 percent from regular viewers, showcasing that, if nothing else, this will certainly entertain you.

White Rabbit Project

Next on my list for the best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix is, White Rabbit Project. The heir to MythBusters, White Rabbit Project investigates a variety of popular events through scientific experiments and tests. It brings science to the realm of fantasies added in movies—and therefore is probably the only factual show on this list. 

Does it sound interesting? That's because it is. Just look at that thumbnail for the trailer, it just makes you want to watch and find out what that gun is and what it could possibly be used for. Now picture that happening every episode. You're welcome.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Wouldn't be much of a science fantasy list without some form of Star Wars would it? Star Wars: The Clone Wars is everything the prequels could have been. The animated format really allows for some cool graphics and effects to be put on screen, and the entire show follows one of the most exciting times in the Star Wars universe. It's a stretch for this list I know, but being able to move things with your mind and creating shadow clones of yourself (looking at you, Luke) is basically magic, so why are we splitting hairs?


Castlevania is the final entry on the list of ten best science fantasy TV shows on Netflix. It takes a classic character, Dracula, and breaks the Dracula curse. The story goes in-depth on the background of the infamous vampire, making him a truly relatable villain, as opposed to a blood-sucking jerk who goes around killing for fun. It was incredibly hard to choose a side to root for in this one, and anytime that can be said with a character like Dracula, you know the writing staff earned their paychecks.

Similar with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animation of the series allows for the magic and supernatural aspects of the show to flourish. Why spend tons of money on CGI and special effects for a live-action show that won't look as good, when you can create a higher quality animated show? Easy decision, you wouldn't.

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10 Best Science Fantasy TV Shows on Netflix
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