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12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Atheists

(Peaceful Version)

Photo Credit: AtheistRepublic.com

1. Atheists are open-minded, and a lot of them will hear out your ideas about religion.

Many atheists will not sit in front of you and explain that you are wrong, a lot of them will be curious as to what you have to say. Atheists will listen and most likely ask questions — not to criticize but to try to understand. 

2. A lot of us will say "bless you" after sneezing, because it is still nice!

Most Atheists grew up saying phrases like "bless you," and the last thing we want is to be called "cold," or not be nice. Come on, guys! Do you really think people want to be jerks all the time?

3. Being an Atheist is not a choice — just like every single other religion.

Atheists know how they feel and what they believe, just like people that believe in different religions. To add, a lot of Atheists believe as strongly as anyone else.

4. Some Atheists still celebrate certain holidays — due to tradition!

Growing up and having fun traditional holidays is not something that most people want to stop. Christmas, Easter, and other holidays can be very traditional for people, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

5. Not all Atheists are scientists — or believe in the “stereotypical” mindset of an Atheist.

Many, many Atheists do not believe in the Big Bang theory, but many do! It is important to know that the Atheist community has different takes on what truly happened — just like other religious communities do.

6. Most Atheists try to keep the peace and do not want to speak about religion with other people.

If you had not noticed, the Atheist community is not that widespread. Being the only one in the room with different ideas can be scary and may create an uneasy environment.  A lot of people with different religions may want to  confront Atheists, because it is a common misconception that they are cruel. This is not true, they just believe in something, just like you!

7. Atheists have morals, too!

Most Atheists want the best for people and cannot understand the common hatred in the world. Equality based on gender, sexuality, and race is such an easy concept to so many Atheists. They feel that everyone deserves to be equal and treated nicely!!

8. The Atheist community is very diverse!

The Atheist community is full of different genders, races, people with different views, the LGBT+ community, people with different careers, people in different classes, and people that have different passions. This community is very different and is by no means — "full of the same person."

9. Atheists are not “haters.”

Atheists do not want to spread hate and they are definitely not "jesus-haters." Many Atheists will accept what you believe in and expect to go on with their day as usual. 

10. Atheists do not think that they are better than everyone else.

Atheists believe very differently than other people, and many believe primarily in science. Regardless of how Atheists believe, they do not think that they are better than others. If anything, Atheists feel unrecognized and under-appreciated, which may cause them to get defensive — because they are not being treated like people should be.

11. Atheists would appreciate it if you can stop putting your biblical quotes on the things that they write.

I am pretty sure that you have heard nasty remarks about your religion by lots of people, despite what you believe in. A lot of people like to put their views, posts, quotes, and biblical sayings on writings that Atheists wrote. I know that if you are reading this, you are most likely religious or have certain beliefs, which is really cool. But, there is no sense in hurting other's feelings with these quotes. I am certain that most people have the best intentions and just want everyone to believe in what they do, but the community is diverse — maybe it is time to accept this. 

12. Atheists want respect, too!

In conclusion, Atheists want to be treated right and with respect. If you have not noticed, every single minority — whether we are talking about race, gender, or religion — are mistreated. It would be extremely nice of you to be nice to people — Other's opinions and views are not a threat to what you believe!!