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6 Signs You're a 'Real Life Divergent'

6 Supernatural Senses of Empaths, Psychics, and Star Children Alike

Some of us just weren't born to fit into the societal norms. We weren't born to thrive at a 9-5 job that barely makes ends meet, to worry day in and day out, to have no control over our lives... to just blindly follow the herd. Each and every one of us contains the power within us to co-create and manifest whatever we want into our lives. Some of us are, for whatever reason, extremely sensitive; the Empaths. 

  1. You are extremely sensitive to the energy around you. You may be able to sense other's feelings, moods, or intentions almost immediately. This is because we are, in all reality, vibrational beings. We are indefinitely, consciously and unconsciously, absorbing the frequencies around us. Has someone having a bad day come around you and suddenly you feel their energy consuming you? Or vice versa: have you ever seen someone having a difficult day and decided to compliment them and watched how drastically their moods change? This is quite simply because you are operating on two different wavelengths. You can either let others lower your frequency or you can choose to heighten theirs. Remember the law of attraction: like attracts like. 
  2. You experience A LOT of synchronization in your life. Seeing the same sequence of numbers, thinking of a song and then hearing it—an unusual amount of "coincidences," for example. This is actually just YOUR reality aligning to YOUR vibrations—AKA, manifesting. You can begin manifesting in your life at alarming rates when you consciously choose to tend to your frequency. You begin to operate on the same wavelength as your hopes and desires and as a result, you will start seeing the things in your mind manifest into reality. Be careful with this, though. The universe doesn't just manifest the good things you think about; it manifests all things you think about. So if you don't want dysfunction, focus on being functional. If you are looking for love, focus on loving those around you. Your reality will always synchronize with your thoughts and vibrations.
  3. Animals are drawn to you. Everywhere you go, animals come to you, often injured or in need. They can sense your healing, loving energy and gravitate to you. You enjoy it just as much because you have a deep love for animals and nature. We are the ones that will move the spider outside rather than hurt it, pick the bee out of the swimming pool and let him dry off, or flip the beetle stuck on his back so that he can scurry off back into nature. 
  4. You have a deep connection with Earth. Land or water, usually both. Something in us feels the "Golden Thread" connecting every single living and non- living thing that there is. It is an understanding that cannot just be taught. It is a feeling that must be experienced.
  5. People come to you to talk when they are hurt, sad, or angry. Sometimes you wonder why that's all you ever hear from people. But it's because you are a beautiful soul that radiates light even on those around you. Interestingly enough, this is your JOB—shine your light as bright as you can as often as you can. Just don't allow it to drain you... keep a healthy balance within your own energy.
  6. You somehow understand things that others seem oblivious to. Instinctive information such as the connections between all of the religions, the human distortions in religious teachings, the truths within every folklore, and the actual science behind spiritual practices. It's not a special ability, but to unlock the human mind requires significant amounts of open-mindedness and self-discipline. 

Being so sensitive may seem like a curse at times but let's think of it as more of a sixth sense. Our instincts and intuitions are so sensitive to things around us that we can better make decisions regarding healthy relationships and activities. We can relate to others on deeper levels. We can see past the physical, material, societal realms and what a beautiful thing that really, really is.

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6 Signs You're a 'Real Life Divergent'
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