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A Clever 'Halo' Fan Has Transformed Cortana into a Holographic AI Personal Assistant

Software and web developer Jarem Archer has brought 'Halo's Cortana to life as a hologram.

In a world populated by the likes of Amazon's Alexa, Google AI, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, we're heading toward a future where artificial intelligence is fast becoming an in-home personal assistant. With the tech giants all behind the evolution of AI, it's a future that many of us have only dreamed of up to this point. However, what if someone decided to push past the concept of a disembodied voice acting as a PA to make AI in a similar vein to the Princess Leia hologram, only better?

Enter software and web developer Jarem Archer, who's brought Cortana to life as a hologram. No, not #Microsoft's Cortana, but the one that helped Master Chief through many of his heroics in the Halo series.

She's Real, And She's Spectacular

Archer is not just a programmer, but according to his Twitter bio, he's “an artist with the ability to defuse a microwave with 1-second to go.” Indeed, the developer has turned his tech talents to building a “concept Cortana appliance,” which you can see via his YouTube channel, titled untitled network. There’s only one other build on his channel as of this writing, but it’s great, too, and involves some very sensual mood lighting.

#Halo fans will best remember Cortana as the AI companion who helped Master Chief John-117 through his battles against the Covenant. Thanks to the hard work of Archer, you can talk to Cortana, see her reactions, and even feel like you're about to jump straight into a brutal battle against the Covenant — while getting a heads-up on what tomorrow's weather forecast is, enjoy being serenaded, and even have a poetry reading.

Archer's holographic Cortana exists within a clear prism as a magnificent centerpiece to the designer's gaming room. Let's just say, our game rooms may need a bit of an upgrade in order to compete with this guy.

Does This Mean We'll Soon See Alexa And Siri Holograms?

While Archer is yet to express interest in building the other big-name AI systems, his creativity, know-how and design prowess has managed to do something Microsoft hasn't managed to tap into as of yet. Because of his efforts, it's even possible for #Cortana to call you Master Chief, or even boss. Just don't walk up wearing a helmet or she may go rampant on you.

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A Clever 'Halo' Fan Has Transformed Cortana into a Holographic AI Personal Assistant
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