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A Jedi Versus a Lord

A Short Battle

"Your weapon is your life." These words were burned into me as a young padawan, as I was training to become the great Jedi I am now. My master passed away sometime ago, and I find myself on a barren wasteland of a planet, a dreary, isolated lifeless place, covered with black rocks, as if nothing but volcanoes erupted and spewed their molten rock all over the land, causing a thick black tar to become the very ground I walk on. As I breathe in fresh air from my respirator, I look around, trying to make out a cave, a place I must go, in order to finish my training.

I see it. Way off in the distance. I see a small opening, barely able to be seen among the jagged rocks. I make my way over, but then stop suddenly, as I hear a loud roar in the distance. Not of an animal, but that of a ship, the roaring of the engines as they begin to grind and screech, as the ship begins to land. I see a large Star Destroyer, a common death machine created by the ones known as the Empire. I knew I had to hurry; while they seemed far away, I knew it wouldn't take long for them to arrive. I knew they were looking for me, I felt it. I felt her. My enemy, who used to be the one I called a friend. She goes by Darth Sibus, but I know her as Brandus, a childhood friend, one who helped me find my way in life, the one who was by my side until she fell for the power of the Dark Side. She embraced the evil that holds in its power, and she been by Vader's side for the last fifteen years. She has tried to kill me many times, never once being victorious, thankfully. 

How she found me, I am not sure. Maybe she felt me, my force, my spirit, our dying friendship; whatever she used, it worked. I make my way into the cave, as the ship makes its final landing. The cave is cold, a slight breeze is coming from the very back. I crawl my way down, down in the darkness, but I let the force lead me to where I need to go. I felt like I was going forever, but I finally made it to the end, and inside the deepest part of the cave is a treasure only true Jedi's seek out: the light saber crystal. Hundreds of them, all waiting for their owners to arrive. I reach for a dark blue one, and pull it from the wall. It feels like nothing I have ever felt before; its solid mass and amazingly light weight nature is something from fantasy, but yet here it is, in my hand. I pull out my hilt, one I built from scratch, and I place the crystal inside. I close the side door, and with a few tweaks, I turn on the saber for the first time, my last step before becoming a Jedi. A dark blue blade expels out from the hilt, humming and flickering with great power, ready for whatever foe I come across. I shut off the saber, and place it on my belt, and make my way out of the cave.

As I exit the cave, I head for my ship, cloaked so as no passersby would notice me. I hear a voice.

"Hello, Garth..." a shrill lady's voice bellowed.

I turn to see Darth Sibus, lightsaber in hand, ready to be lit.

"Hello, old friend... I didn't expect to see you again."

"You under estimate me, Garth, you should've known by now that I will always find you."

"Yes, I'm finding it to be quite an annoyance. Hell, if I didn't know any better, I just assume you still love me."

"Always... I will always. But if you refuse to be by my side, then you are my enemy, so I have no choice..."

"There is always a choice, always, and the idea that you believe that makes you foolish. I know there is still good in you, Brandus..."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT," she roared, as two of the men behind her fly backwards. 

"Rage can be tamed; it doesn't make you powerful, it makes you arrogant," I told her with a softness in my voice, trying not to set her off again.

"This power... our master was holding us back, and you are too stupid to realize it. Do you not understand how good the dark side feels? Join me, and I can make you understand..."

"Never. You have slaughtered hundreds, children even, all in the name of bringing peace and balance? All you have done is become a murderer, and the friend I love and have known for years is dead now. You aren't that person anymore, and I will never be with you."

"Then, my love, you will die."

Sibus extends her blade, crimson red, throbbing with a dark power, humming with blackness and hate. I switch on my saber, and I wield it with strength, at the ready. Sibus's men fall back, guns by their sides. Sibus moves in, but I'm not far behind. She arches back, and begins the fight. The blades clash, scratching and shrieking as the blades are tangled together. I pull back, and I go in again, just barely missing her shoulder. She goes in to kill, but I've already reacted by blocking, causing her to fall backwards. Angered, she goes in again, slashing at me harder, never once landing a hit. I remain calm, stoic, focused. I continue to fight, but the look in my eyes are of sadness that the very person who has helped me more times than I can count is now here to kill me once again.

How I wish I could help her, but my friend is beyond hope. She is tired, but she tries to use her powers. I just push back, canceling out any of the moves she uses. 


"Do you hear yourself, Brandus, do you not hear the awful nature with which you speak to me? Only a true empire slave would use such language."

"I told you... DO NOT CALL ME THAT! She was weak, worthless, and she is dead!"

"I know."

Sibus takes one last attempt to kill me, but misses completely, and I block, causing her to fall flat on her face. I force pull her saber to me. She turns to me, evil in her eyes, but alas, she is defeated.

"This weapon was never created to kill. It was meant to protect, to defend one's self. How dare you use it for evil."

"To hell with you, Jedi... KILL HIM!" She orders her men to open fire. They do, but since I am trained in the ways of the force, I block each and every shot that comes towards me. I force push all the men down, as I head for my ship, with Sibus's saber still in hand. She gets up and Force runs towards my ship, but I turn and stop her. I Force lift her up, and throw her down. I get into my ship, and I fly off. As I leave the planet, I look down, and a single tear falls from my left eye.

"Goodbye, my friend."

I fly away, into the stars.

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A Jedi Versus a Lord
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