A Magical Night

In the Beginning

It was a night like every other except that this night I decided that I was going to finally talk to him. We have been friends for a while and he knows all about my powers and he doesn't care. That's why this night will be perfect, it is on nights like this will all the magic in the sky my magic will be at its peak. I can tell Tony how I feel about him, showing him in the most amazing way possible. I told my parents what my plans were and they have mixed emotions about it. What I plan to do it kind of like getting engaged, I will be promising myself to him in the hopes that he feels the same way. If he doesn't it will be a long time until I am ever able to do it again, and that's if the other males in my coven don't find out and think that since Tony is human that I chose one over the other. What they don't understand is there has never been anyone but Tony. He understands me when no one else gets it, and I never have to tell him when something is wrong because he just knows it. It's like he senses me or when I am thinking about him and he is either there in front of me or I get a call or text.

When we first met he was just the new kid at school who I felt was my kindred spirit. He liked to be alone but everyone always wanted to be around him, it was like the harder he told them he wanted to be left alone the more the followed him. When he spoke everyone listened, it was like he could never say anything that was wrong or inappropriate. The difference between him and other guys is that he didn't use this gift per say for bad, he helped out others and made people want to do the same. When he started a food drive for the homeless people in the area everyone came out to help, it was amazing. The best part is whenever the town wanted to acknowledge him for all his amazing work, he didn't want them to. Tony is just that guy which makes me love him even more, tonight I am going to let him see the feelings I have for him and put it all on the line.

Tony doesn't exactly know what is going on tonight but all he ever needed to know was that she wanted to be with him. Desiree, or Des as she likes me to call her, has always been the one person to calm me down when no one else could. My family doesn't like that we are so close but I never cared, I understand why they would feel the way that they do but she calls to me in a way that no other girl has. Des is my best friend, but she is also the one person I want to tell all my secrets to even the ones I know I shouldn't. When I see her tonight it will tell her everything and I hope she will accept all of me. Right now I just have to make sure to get to her without anything happening until I talk to her.

"Hey Tony, over here," says Desiree, she has her hair down and it just makes her look even more beautiful to me. Her rain and black hair blowing in the wind makes her like every bit as a witch that she is. 

"What's up Des, I'm here so what is so important that we had to meet close to midnight in the open fields?" Desiree looks so nervous I have never seen her like this. It kind of makes me feel that whatever this is could be bad.

"I wanted to meet you here at this time because it is the perfect time and place for what I have to say to you. We have known each other for a long time and I have always appreciated that friendship which is why I haven't said anything but I can't hold back how I feel anymore. I have been in love with you for as long as I can remember, and I know that I could have ended that friendship if you don't feel the same way but I can't watch you date other girls anymore knowing how I feel." Tony is staring at me and I can't help but feel like maybe this wasn't a good idea. Tony takes a step towards me and I feel like the air in my lungs are being squeezed out.

Tony walks up to Desiree and places his hands on her face and brings her lips to his. "You have no idea how happy that makes me feel, it would seem that we both feel the same way about each other but before we go any farther I think there is something you should know about me." With that, Tony steps away and starts taking off his clothes, and although Desiree knows she has seen him in a state of undress before somehow this feels different. He looks at the full moon and with what I would later describe as a roar started to shift right in front of me. Where Tony once stood stands a wolf with a black, brown and greyish coat. He looks so beautiful that I can't take my eyes away from him. He stays where he is as if he is waiting for me to say something. I walk over to him and kneel. 

"It looks like we will have forever to discover the other side of ourselves together. Under this moon and stars, I swear to be yours and no one else's." Desiree kisses his nose and feels the magic of their love moving around them, knowing this love was meant to be.