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A Myth

From a College Kid's P.O.V.

As children, Ramulus, Petros, and Zuni were inseparable. The sky was their playground. They spent their days frolicking in the clouds, playing hide and go seek, and telling secrets. As they grew, both Petros and Ramulus began falling deeply in love with Zuni. Zuni loved both boys, but she loved Petros as a brother. Her heart belonged to Ramulus.

At the age of 17, Ramulus decided to declare his love for Zuni. He invited Zuni, on one bright and sunny day, to join him for a picnic. As they enjoyed their lunch, sitting in the clouds, Ramulus worked up the courage to express his true feelings. He told Zuni how much he loved and adored her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. To his amazement, Zuni told him that she too had fallen madly in love with him and wanted to share her life with him. Ramulus then asked Zuni to marry him and Zuni cried with joy as she accepted his proposal. Ramulus was overjoyed and could not wait to tell his family and friends.

That evening, they sat down to dinner with Zuni’s family, and with Petros. Ramulus announced his engagement to Zuni. Zuni’s family was ecstatic! However, Petros sat stunned and speechless. When Zuni asked him if he was happy for them, he could only nod his head in reply. Ramulus proceeded to ask Petros to be his best man. Again, Petros could only nod his head as he was still in absolute shock.

On the evening of the wedding, Petros felt he had to somehow let Zuni know of his feelings for her. He felt that if Zuni knew how much he loved her, she might return his feelings and refuse to marry Ramulus. Petros arrived at the church early and confronted Zuni in her dressing room. Petros declared his love and Zuni was shocked. She explained to Petros that she did indeed love him, but her love was as a sister loved her brother. Petros could not change her mind and Zuni begged him to put is feelings aside and support her marriage to Ramulus. Petros was seething with anger, but agreed to continue as the best man. He stood by and tried his best to hide his emotions as Ramulus married the woman he loved.

After the wedding, they proceeded to the reception area. They danced amongst the clouds and celebrated their perfect union. As the evening came to an end, Ramulus and Zuni prepared to light a lantern and release it as a symbol of their fidelity and never ending love. As they lit the lantern, Petros could no longer control himself. In a rage, he grabbed the lantern and flung it into the sky! The lantern exploded into a glowing ball of light and remained imbedded in the sky. He then stormed off in a fit of fury. Ramulus and Zuni were greatly saddened by his actions, but as they looked up at the sky, they saw the lantern was now a beautiful moon. That is how the moon came to be, and from that day on, it was a symbol of their undying love.