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A Primer for Modern Mancy

What it's about.

Max is the kind that does not take...

In the world of Escotera, the dominant force, The Central Empire, mostly ignores the rest of the continent (the only one known). Inside the Empire peace and prosperity rein, research into every aspect of science and technology has accelerated their knowledge far beyond the rest of the world. The government mostly lets the people be, so long as they are not threatened. Beyond the borders, it is wild and untamed, mysticism reins, small bands of self-reliant Prides, and buccaneering packs keep things… interesting.

After his final tour of duty with the Central Empire’s self-defense force, Alexi decided to pursue his lifelong goal of mastering all mances, gaining great power, and learning all that he could. Pursuant to this, he left his home to cross the uncivilized regions to find the remnants of the Ascendant Civilization.

Not long after beginning his quest, he happens across some bandits intent on destroying a small hidden village of Amazon where’s. While not certain of the politics of the region he nonetheless offers his sword as he recognizes who is attacking.

In the end, the village could not be saved, but the bandits were mostly slain. He helps the lone survivor. As a matter of honor, she refuses the help, but as her whole world was destroyed and his goal would see him meet up with her family’s killer, she joins him to protect him long enough to see the one who orchestrated her pride’s fall.

While traveling together they learn they can get along, and could even learn to fight well together. They also learn the Ascendants left behind a weapon that could destroy the order of the world, and they would have to find a way to stop their mutual enemy before it’s too late.

To win they must recruit a force of warriors, scientists, mystics, and the like, from former enemies in order to take on a threat to everyone.

This is a battle of wills, intelligence, power, espionage, and discovery that will push everyone to their limits, and fates are learn, that everything they knew was wrong. A multitude of forces, benign and otherwise will at last be arrayed to once and for all set into stone the destiny of Escotera.

I am one of those that hates some of the common fantasy tropes, only one of a thing exists and no one knows how to craft it or the use of ‘magic’ to cover a plot hole. I also believe there is a limit to all things and all power comes with a price; but there is more than one way to do a thing, and anything that was made can be un-made or remade. This fantastic fiction (combo of sci-fi and fantasy) will challenge the common conceptions of both major genres and put rules down to create a world where magic does not rule, it is simply an aspect of science and technology that, like any other knowledge, can be acquired, studied and mastered by anyone with the patience, and preexisting capability (mutation, adaptation, ect) can use; and even if you don’t have the mutation, if you look hard enough there is always a way. I also like dragons, and unicorns and mystism, they can make the story exciting, if used in the right way.

But challenging tropes, and making a good story takes time, and I have a day job and many other ideas that are entertaining and captivating. I will keep writing and as inspiration strikes I will make the worlds I have developed as full and dynamic as possible.

As with all my titles, I will post them as they are completed, happy reading…

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A Primer for Modern Mancy
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