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A Primer for Symbiote

What to expect...

One of the most powerful, technologically and biologically advanced super weapons has been stolen from a secure research station and tracked to a third rate, backwater world at the edge of explored space overrun by bloodthirsty savages. If this news were to escape to the general public, the repercussions could be just as disastrous as the enemy getting a hold of the weapon. A select group of specially trained elite is chosen to find and return the weapon, before it’s too late. The fate of the galaxy, its very future, rests squarely at the feet of these five teachers, what could go wrong?

The head of the bioweapons research team learns of the theft and is left dumbstruck, meanwhile the latest batch of cadets participate in pass and review, military graduation, their instructors are preparing for a much deserved vacation, the precom unit, Tesla LPDN 56 is preparing for the final push to commissioning, and the ship carrying the symbiote crashes into an area near Nebraska. Then the governing body of the Stellar Coalition meets to discuss the problem, vacation starts, the Tesla exits the shipyards, and the government cleans up the crash site.

Next the instructors are recalled from their plans, eliciting ire, the Tesla gets underway for sea trials, and the government starts to study the symbiote and its new host.

Then the recovery mission begins, the instructors are sent through a wormhole, arrive on the Tesla, and the host wakes up. The team of teachers struggle to communicate with their hosts and find the symbiote, the government continues their research and tracks the progress of the teachers, and the Tesla is ordered to cut short her sea trials and return to port with their guests.

After that, the ship arrives in port, the hosts and their translator realize that they are going to be confined and studied, and so plot, and execute an escape, as does the host currently under lock and key at a military installation. The teachers track the new host as all them are hunted by the government’s extra terrestrial enforcers. Eventually the government agents are lost, but extra terrestrial governments arrive to take control of the symbiote, it’s finally up to the teachers and the new host to fight them off while waiting for extraction.

As with all my titles more will be posted as it is completed

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A Primer for Symbiote
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