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Ancient Aliens

How they Visited Us In The Past

The ancient astronaut theory was first proposed by Erich Von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, and is refuted by real scientists who dismiss his incorrect and unscientific claims. There are also theories out there that all religion is extraterrestrial in origin. This is why we humans have trouble with the idea of life on other planets, which in probability does exist, but only if you see how vast the universe is. How many planets are there? Many. How many stars are out there? Billions. How many galaxies are out there in the grand scheme of things? Trillions. The universe is huge and with our puny science, we have only begun to temporarily grasp just how huge it is.

If we were to take a step back and think about this, the Prime Directive as we know it on Star Trek doesn’t necessarily exist. Because, well, people from other planets have been interfering with human evolution for centuries, if not billions of years. They are the ones who made the human race in the first place. This is extreme interference. There are people from other planets out there that are truly ancient. They’ve been around longer than us small, scrawny humans.

It takes courage to survive on this planet with all the violence we perpetuate on each other in the form of criticism, condemnation, and how much we complain about each other. People from other planets get involved in our early life as children of the Gods, and then they take a step back for thousands of years to keep an eye on our evolutionary process. Why they want to influence our evolution is not something that humans have figured out yet. People from other planets are unyielding with their rules. Humans must take a leap into the future on our own, on building a peaceful planet where we coexist and work together.

We have plenty of resources on this planet. Sustainability is not so much an issue anymore. We have plenty of resources for all, but we are selfish in our squandering of those resources. The people from other planets that watch this planet do not want a nuclear war. The problem with Earth is that we do not work together well enough. We cannot put aside our differences for the greater good. The United States has the health care crisis to worry about, as well as terrorism of our own making.

People from other planets are not going to coddle us. We have to impeach 45 and company on our own. This is the revolution they are looking for. We have to work on lowered educational tuition fees, single payer health care rights, and equal work-equal pay for women on our own. We also have to find that woman president for us on our own. We have to quit imposing our rules on other countries as well, which is a matter of evolution. Human advancement is a slow process. We have only now given women the right to vote for goodness sake. We mistreat our own people for a variety of reasons from disability, to gender, and more. There are other planets like ours out there that are at the same phase in their development. People critical of von Däniken’s view it as a series of random ideas that are incoherent and unable to be proven. Ancient Aliens the TV show, proposes that people from other planets have visited Earth in the past. At first they were visible, but they later receded from view because of their Prime Directive.

They were viewed as Gods. They taught us multiple things about technology from mathematics to writing, to hunting, and starting agriculture as a matter of evolution, which meant that humans didn’t have to spend their lives migrating anymore. Ancient Aliens proposes that people from other planets were called angels. All unexplained monolithic structures were the work of people from other planets or perhaps telekinetic humans moving the structure from one far away quarry to another place like Stonehenge. What is more disturbing is the idea that they might have decided to destroy the human race with floods, atomic bombs, and more. Atomic bombs were technology that existed on Earth in ancient times but were brought here by advanced alien races that also lived on Earth.

Earth was a source of minerals like gold that helped the Annunaki save their planet, which was losing atmosphere. Throughout human history, the TV show Ancient Aliens does propose that humans had contact with aliens through telepathy such as Joan of Arc who fought for the independence of France during the Hundred Years’ war. Today, alien races do this with a group of people who call themselves starseed. These are people who have unique psychic talent, are ahead of their time, and come to earth with a mission to improve life on this planet. They have alien DNA often, as they are descended from the alien races that have left their genetic material in some humans such as the starseed. Humans are a psychic species, born with this talent, which is innate but shut off in some people. Modern research is helping us reclaim our birthright. Modern science discounts ancient alien theory completely much less the way ancient peoples might have traded with each other. The ancient aliens theory is not taken seriously by modern scientists, much to the detriment of knowledge.