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Andy's Sins (One)

Andy, a depressed college student who worked part time, moved into a duplex that turned out to be haunted. The ghosts are not trapped and they're not actually ghosts, but they're staying anyway. Not for the reason one would think.

Andy groaned as he rolled over and squinted into the sunlight. He could have sworn that he'd closed that blind before lying down. Blue eyes glided across the room, head shifting fractionally to make it so he could look towards his bedroom door. What had woken him?

With another groan, he pushed to sit up and nearly screamed. Inhaling hard and clutching the thin bed sheet to his chest, he stared at the see-through form at the end of his bed. Right before his eyes, it turned smokey and then a woman in modern day hippie get-up appeared. Her head tilted, lines of black cornrows spilling over a bare shoulder. Her skin, a caramel shade, was without a single mark.

"You're still in bed?" She spoke but it sounded more like air moving through his ear canal. Thick lips curled into a smile as she advanced to the bed. The long dress she wore lifted to show plenty of her legs when she hopped onto the edge.

He yelped, moving fast in a mad scramble to get out from under the covers. Andy fell hard onto his chest, hands protecting his face, but he kept scrambling until his legs were free. Spinning he rested on his back while panting, looking up at the woman standing on his bed with hands on her hips.

"Come on, Andy, that's not fair!"

"Lust, stop it!" A male strode in, nearly breaking a hole in the wall slamming the bedroom door open. Andy flinched hard, watching the towering male come to a halt with legs spread evenly. He wore Roman armor which didn't cover much and acted like the biggest asshole one ever had the displeasure to meet.

"I was just playin'." Lust hummed, pouting as she slid to sit on the edge of the bed. Her dainty feet touched the floor, resting, and Andy relaxed to limp himself all the way back.

"Andy isn't playing with you."

"You're a party-pooper, Wrath."

"Or maybe he's just not that into you!" Came a male voice, belonging to Envy, from somewhere else in the home.

"No one liked that movie!" Andy called in response.

"I liked that movie!" Both Envy and Lust shot back, Lust nearly snarling it. Andy looked to her and she huffed, pushing her nose into the air. He couldn't tell if her feelings were actually hurt.

"Regardless of cinema tastes, Lust, you know Andy doesn't want you." Wrath grumbled, always taking everything so serious. He loved grumbling about everything, really, even if it was something as unimportant as Lust behaving exactly like herself.

"Which doesn't make any sense! I'm Lust, I take the form of exactly what he wants." Lust draped her hands, aghast, and stared at both males in the room in turn with a ridiculously exaggerated look of bewilderment.

"I told you, it probably doesn't work because I don't want to sleep with anyone. Otherwise, you wouldn't have boobs."

"That's ridi-" Lust started but was interrupted by hushed mumbling that slowly rose to a very angry hushed mumbling and someone smacking a flat surface. Wrath looked intrigued, curious for a fight.

"Pride's being a bitch!" Gluttony, an overweight male that, in the recent months had been covered in tattoos, shouted. "She doesn't want to raise her precious voice but says it's perfectly okay to be asexual!"

"I'm not--"

"He isn't asexual, he's just in a stint." Lust offered helpfully and smiled wide, her lips peeling farther apart than a human's should be able to. Andy nodded, having pushed to his feet and curled his arms over himself. He gave a weak smile as he traded places with Lust but Greed shot in and threw her hands up high in the air.

"Sex or no, you promised me we would go out today!" Everyone in the room looked at her, a bit startled. She waltzed, dressed in multiple layers of clothes though they all showed a lot of skin. Her hair was bright pink and blue, body holding enough jewelry to make a detector break.

"I did?" Andy squeaked and Wrath nodded, scowling at Andy choosing not to speak. Lust shrugged, curling hands into her dress and swaying the skirt back and forth around her calves.

"Yes! You did! Sloth, you were there, tell him he did!" There was a mumble from somewhere, Greed looking over her shoulder before huffing and rolling her eyes, turning back to the bedroom. "He called you a liar."

Wrath smacked her upside the head, claiming, "he did not, don't lie." They both scowled at each other while Lust looked to Andy.

Lust was more than just pleasure in the sexual category, but in all that was needed. She walked over and very gently touched along the bed next to his hand. They smiled at each other and she tucked him in when he crawled under the sheets.

"He's not feeling up to going out today, alright? We have enough stuff to get by for the day." Lust cooed the words, turning from Andy who curled into a pillow once he'd tucked the blanket up under his chin.

Everyone shuffled out, Lust explaining to the others to keep it down while Wrath and Greed snapped at each other in hushed voices. Andy smiled to himself, hair a mess, while he listened to everyone. He'd been terrified of them all at first but now, a few months after moving into the duplex, he'd learned they were intent to keep his spirits up. It didn't always work, considering they were the embodiment of sins, but they tried their best.

A half hour or so passed when the door is shoved open and Lust, looking panicked, threw herself into the room. Andy gasped, sitting upright and throwing the blanket off to stare at her with a slack-jawed expression.

"I forgot! I came in earlier to tell you your phone alarm went off!"

"I have work!" He scrambled out of bed, making Lust yelp, and headed to get dressed for work. His fear of being late-again-outweighed his deep need to stay in bed. There was no way he could explain being fired-again-to his parents.

Rushing out the door, he rolled his eyes at Greed's smug expression.

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