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r. nuñeza year ago
The Air Apparent
All things sometime must turn into dust, but nothing ever becomes nothingness. Preface to the Modern Era In a time of long ago, the people of the planet used jars for all sorts of things. The very fir...
Monica Bennetta year ago
Paleoanthropology in India
The country of India is truly unexplored when it comes to hominin fossils. As can be seen from the photo above, it must have been a major corridor in the migration of hominids from the Arabian Peninsu...
G.F. Brynna year ago
Alex The Inventor - Chapter 11 (Pt.1)
Chapters 1 - 10 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Thirteen) Final Chapter
Chapter Thirteen Jake led the soldiers from the settlement and marched along the forest path on a mission towards Stanford mega city, their destination, C.F.L. headquarters. They planned to destroy th...
Eden Roquelairea year ago
Worst of the Best: The Next Generation's 'Sub Rosa'
Welcome to "The Worst of the Best," a series of articles in which I will explore the strangest, most cringe-worthy, and downright awful episodes from otherwise quality television series. No series is ...
Cosmic Peaka year ago
Secular Buddhism
Religion is something that has been dwindling in the west for some time. The latest polls from Britain indicating that 53 percent of the British public now belong to no religion. This is true mostly i...
SKYLERIZED a year ago
Enliven (Part I)
Clouds moved out of the way on this fine morn. Sunshine, like truth being told, illuminated the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Fielder Jakes, teak-colored, sprayed sheen on his curly Afro. He straighte...
Eterly a year ago
How AI Can Reinvigorate Wearable Fitness Tech
Despite the initial hype surrounding it, the market for fitness and health-tracking wearable technology has not taken off to the extent that many analysts predicted. The fortunes of Fitbit are a good ...
Ryan Eppsa year ago
What Is the Difference Between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy?
You know Superman, right? He's probably one of the most well-known forms of science fiction fantasy, but he's not the only one. All superheroes, in their own right, are more fantastical than they are ...
Patricia Sarkara year ago
What Is the Future for Online Gaming?
Technology will be the future, be it real or imagined.
Araceli Delenaa year ago
Blue Moon
Before our ancestors were born, there were only the Moon and Sun that existed in the world. Well, the animals too, but that is a different story. The Moon was called Luna and the Sun was Apollo. Every...
Tyson Mooresa year ago
Edge of the Stars
Daniel It was late in the afternoon, wind softly blowing across a field of grass dotted with wildflowers. A lone figure rested under a single tree just outside his house. He heard the old screen door ...
Alice a year ago
Protein Production in a Cell
Protein is required for an animal cell to perform activities necessary for its survival. Though protein is made by the ribosome (an organelle), many other organelles (specialized cell parts that perfo...
Why My Clairvoyance Drives Me Crazy
Being a psychic has its perks in that you will never, ever, be surprised by a surprise party. It is very hard to surprise me because it takes me very little time to figure out who is doing that. Clair...
Richard Jonesa year ago
The Misplaced: Segment 2
CHAPTER 10: ALECTRA Not for the first time, Alectra was grateful for the horses. Without them, she was certain they couldn’t have put enough distance between themselves and the dragon. In addition, no...
My Psychic Brain Didn’t Shut Up in the Past
My brain confused me back when I didn’t know I had schizophrenia, much less was educated on what it was. If I could Quantum Leap-style time travel, I would go back to high school and get myself medica...