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Kathy Bugajsky9 months ago
What Is 'The Phantom Edit'? Part 1: A Brief Backstory
Next year Star Wars: The Phantom Menace celebrates its 20th anniversary. As that milestone approaches, discussions have increased about The Phantom Edit. Younger (and newer) fans may be aware of this ...
Kaitlyn Maura9 months ago
A Taste of Temptation, A Test of Trust: What to Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde This Fall
On October 5th, Venus will be stationing retrograde at 10'50 degrees Scorpio. This goddess of love will be making her way back into Libra where on November 15th, she will station direct at 25'14 degre...
Amy S9 months ago
4 Stories of Time Travellers from the Future
And you can time travel, too. Just check out your kitchen sink.
James E. 9 months ago
The Switch—Part 1
I woke with a strange sensation. Oh no, I really gotta pee. Ugh. Why do I have to wake up? I ask myself. It was then I started to realize what the strange sensation was and where it was coming from. S...
M Holcombe9 months ago
Artificial (Chapter Four)
“And we’re certain this is legitimate? If we act on it—” President Williams said. “That was my first instinct, ma’am. It’s human.” Ava picked up her glass. She gazed at the liquid. She sighed. “We can...
Christopher Hales9 months ago
Top 10 Things We Could/Should See in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’
Though the ninth installment of the franchise has been pushed to Christmas time of next year, filming has begun. What does that mean? The rumour mill begins to turn! Yes, the untitled final film of th...
Shawntelle Moncy9 months ago
How the Moon Affects Us
There is an energy within us that is difficult to be proven or explained. It has been attempted to be solved by Einstein but he never came to a mathematical conclusion and it is still a concept of stu...
Troi Speaks9 months ago
The Creative Process Is a Distant God
Oden lives in a box. All white, flat, smooth walls and no windows. A constant dripping sound though there is no place for water. There is a desk and chair and on the desk there is an open notebook. Th...
Brynne Nelson9 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 7 & 8)
Chapter 7 I felt my jaw drop. My Mama had been there for me for most of my life—how could she not know me? Yet I could see the cloudy confusion in her eyes; she was sincere. I snapped my mouth shut du...
Chloe Gilholy9 months ago
Elephant on the Moon
Kitty popped round to Great-grandpa Lucas’s house for a cup of tea. Great-grandpa Lucas was sleeping after working hard all day tidying up his house. When Kitty woke him up, he said to him. “Oh, Kitty...
Gwen Burgett9 months ago
Jade Cyris: The Move
“Jade? Jade, wake up.” Jade groaned at the name and slowly opened her eyes. “Come on, sweetie, wake up.” Jade sat up in the car and stretched. “What? What is it?” Jade looked over to her mother, who’s...
John Aubert9 months ago
How Discovering We're Alone in the Universe Could Benefit Mankind
The late astronomer and world renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, "For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuri...
Paul Levinson9 months ago
Review of 'Manifest 1.1'
I reviewed the 9 and 1/2 minute sneak peek of Manifest in August, and said it had some outstanding possibilities as a time-travel drama. I therefore watched the full first-hour debut last night with g...
Senketsu Red9 months ago
Red Dawn
The Red Dawn will only appear in the most dire of circumstances. It was Mother Nature's way of saying we have destroyed the planet and she will make it anew. The only ones to survive were the people w...
Eugenia Moreno9 months ago
Home? (Chapter 10)
I see her approach my inert body with a large syringe on her hand, her fist clasped tightly around it. "Who are these people and what are they trying to do?" The question prevails in my mind, and it a...