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Tractor Talks19 days ago
Gemini (July Energy Reading)
LOL. You guys get slapped the shit out of you too? You see a lot of us thought we could avoid it, because it was our season, but in all actuality, that slap was coming whether we were doing good or no...
Matt Swayne20 days ago
Who Wants to Win a Nobel Prize
If we auctioned off all of the elements in your body —the carbon, oxygen, iron, sodium, etc. —you would be worth a grand total of about one U.S. dollar. Five bucks, if you had the right bidders, appar...
Tractor Talks21 days ago
Cancer (July Energy Reading)
Whew. That was intense, wasn’t it Cancer? I can vouch that Gemini season really kicked my ass when it came to remembering to keep a level head in situations... I’m sure we can all agree on this one, a...
Robert Lea21 days ago
Dark Matter: How We Know It's There
Despite all of our advancements in science, physics, and astronomy, we still don’t know what approximately 80%-90% of the matter in the Universe is. But this isn’t a completely hopeless situation; the...
Matthew Kresal22 days ago
'Doctor Who': "Demons of the Punjab" Review
Warning: Potential spoilers for the episode ahead. Six episodes into its run, Series 11 of Doctor Who saw it taking its second dip into history. The first, "Rosa", had aired three weeks previously, be...
Erin Montgomery22 days ago
Multidimensional Realities
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” —Hamlet, Shakespeare Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a physicist. I don’t understand the quantum fields or...
WatchMojo 22 days ago
Top 10 Things Alita: Battle Angel Did Right
You know... she's more than just a big set of eyes… Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Things Alita: Battle Angel Did Right." We all saw the early critical praise for this new Robert Rodriguez flick, but did it really live up to the hype? Well, we finally saw the movie, and we think it’s safe to say that Alita had more than a few tricks up her sleeve. Caution, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’re in for a few spoilers.
Taimi Nevaluoma 22 days ago
Why I Love the 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and Why You Should Love It Too
(If you have not seen the film, do not read further, there are a lot of spoilers. And also, do watch it already, it’s on Netflix now!) I’ve been writing this piece for a year and a half now. The reaso...
Aaron M-II22 days ago
Netflix Movie ~ 'I Am Mother'
First off, thank you for reading the I Am Mother review! Well to start off, I Am Mother is a dystopian-based movie starring Clara Rugaard-Larsen (Daughter), Rosa Byrne (Mother), and Hilary Swank (Stra...
Kaitlyn Maura22 days ago
ReLOVation: July 2019's Solar Eclipse in Cancer
The upcoming total New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur on July 2nd, 2019, at 10'37 degrees Cancer. It will be visible from parts of Chile and Argentina. Here's how we can expect it to affect our lives.
Craig House23 days ago
Which Sci-Fi Universe Would You Want to Live in?
Different universes. We’ve all fantasised about them. And I bet you’ve thought at some point, whilst watching your favourite sci-fi programme, "What would it be like to actually live there?" But despite the sometimes fantastical surroundings, existing in these universes probably wouldn’t be all fun and games. I’ll run you through what it’d probably be like to inhabit these diverse, enthralling worlds.
1202 Duece Lee24 days ago
Astral (Ch. 10)
Sleep paralysis, it's been years since I've felt this cold stiffness encasing me. Embracing what comes next never came easy. Still, I try and remember the evenings doing sleep studies with Mrs. Glitz....
Cindy Gust25 days ago
I Get Injections Now Once a Month... Was It Worth It? Yeah...
January 2019 had marked one month since I had last seen the love of my life, but this time I wasn’t crying about it. I was slowly detaching, and by this time I hardly thought about him (thinking went ...
Matthew Kresal25 days ago
'The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume 2' Review
For fans of 21st-century Doctor Who, few characters have left an impact the way Captain Jack Harkness has. Played by the incomparable John Barrowman and introduced in 2005's "The Empty Child"/"The Doc...
Robert Lea25 days ago
A Certain Uncertainty: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Explained
'Uncertainty'—it's not a word that we generally associate with science. Science conjures images of certainty, solid results, and constant improvement by increment. There's a certain irony then, that w...
Denis Pinzariua month ago
'Star Wars' a Western?
Western, a term that has circulated for quite a long time in the American space, but not only that, taken by its connotation as an artistic genre, refers to the 19th century America, and more accurate...