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Are Extra Terrestrials Wolves in Sheeps clothing?

Does the analogy work for Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU)?

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
In Matthew 7:15 the Bible has an interesting verse warning against false prophets:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing,
but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Throughout history, this phrase has taken on several different meanings from false prophets who are falsely claiming to represent God to things as simple as a person just trying to deceive you about anything in general.

Does the phrase hold in it a clue to a more sinister underlying theme related to Extra Terrestrials? Once you learn of the possibility of Hetlau, suddenly the phrase takes on new meaning.

If Extra Terrestrials are able to morph and polymorph themselves into Human bodies and walk among the EA and appear to the EA as EA when they are really HET, then suddenly a wolf in sheep's clothing fits that scenario better than all the rest.
  • When an Extra Terrestrial being places themselves in a new body. 
  • Morphing is the same image new body.
  • Polymorphing is a different image new body.
  • So you would recognize people who morph themselves you would not recognize people who polymorph themselves.
Rather than get too technical as to how they would do this, if you first just say maybe it is possible they can and if so what would that mean, you can see how it changes the whole scenario of what is really going on on Earth.

With an understanding of the possibility of the ETA, one can begin to piece together the puzzle that has been put in front of them. If people like Jesus and the APOSTLES (Alien PILOTS) know life exists on other planets then the allegories they are placing in the Bible may have a deeper hidden meaning than just warnings to the EA about the proper way to live life.

For example, does the possibility exist in the Bible that some the stories involving clouds are really stories involving UFOs? Is LENT really an extra terrestriaL evENT, as in did Jesus polymorph himself in his virgin birth and then morph himself at his resurrection?

When we use wormation as part of EARTH methodology and look for ETI as part of the ETA taking place on Earth, we constantly find hidden clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

Unlike modern times where individuals demand corroboration from authority figures before they will contemplate the possibility the ET and UFO phenomenon may actually exist, the only way to evaluate historical events is to study them using EARTH methodology as disclosure would be revelation. Could REVELATION say REVEAL extra terrestriaL Architecture? "-Tion" is the suffix for a process so revelation would be the process of revealing the Extra Terrestrial Architecture taking place here on Earth.

Changing the vowel E to I in order to arrive at Alien Pilots from Apostles brings the word vowel into question: 

  • VOWEL = aVOW Extra terrestrial Language
  • To avow is to acknowledge or declare.
Y = 25 (alphanumeric)
25 = ET
20 = T
5 = E

So Syllable could say you are ABLE to SPELL (ET).

Y = 25 (alphanumeric)

P = 16

6 - 1 = 5

E = 5

5 x 5 = 25

Y = PE

Even the word BIBLE is porpheme for BIG FABLE.

Does the word POPE say People scOPE?

As in scope like a radar scope to see things with, so a Pope would be a people scope, in that he can see there are HET people walking among us on Earth.

That certainly would explain the mysterious power behind religious organizations, as well as further validate the wolf in sheep's clothing theory.

Most religious scholars and devout believers will simply say the possibility exists Satan has control of you for contorting the Bible in such a blasphemous manner. If you step back and simply look at it from a technical point of view and not a religious one it answers a lot of questions people have had over time though.

Basically, the book itself is a story that seems to exhibit powers and abilities that are not present on Earth. If the possibility exists that beings from other planetary systems have those powers and abilities as their standard or default way of existence, then walking among the EA and appearing as EA when they are really Hetlau would explain the phenomenon. In addition, if they are using allegories and hidden clues to reveal who they really are so that society will be able to look back and see what was really going on in the stories when it was written things start to make a lot more sense.

The modern interpretation of the Bible really isn't modern at all, especially if you think about it the possibility existing that everyone in the present is still just repeating the stories being told for 2000 or more years. So basically the interpretation of the Bible is still the same one from when it was written.

Since EA scholars aren't aware of the possibility of Hetlau then they also aren't aware that some religious scholars could be HET and a perfect example of wolves in sheep's clothing. Then even if they became aware of the possibility, they would refute it since it is not the message they want to hear so there is no way for the possibility of a modern interpretation to take place.

When you apply a technical viewpoint instead of a religious one and translate allegories like the wolves in sheep's clothing as ET in HET form, suddenly the picture becomes a lot clearer.

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Are Extra Terrestrials Wolves in Sheeps clothing?
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