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Are We Alone 👀

Universe Talk

For as long as mankind has been able to study the cosmos, we've been asking the same unanswered question... are we alone in the universe? Some believe we are indeed alone, meanwhile other people think the total opposite. There are a number of arguments that help both sides fight there case, which are all pretty good points making it even harder to answer this famous question.

People who do believe we are not alone in the universe use a very logical idea of thinking, which is size. If you didn't know, this beautiful, yet chaotic blue planet is just a tiny dot compared to the rest of the universe. Just for the visual, we are just one grain of sand in the beach. Our sun is a slightly bigger grain of sand in the universe. Our sun is also just one of hundreds of thousands of stars in our galaxy. Most of those other stars have planets orbiting them, which means there could be millions of other planets undiscovered. Even more food for thought, all those stars & planets I mentioned are just our galaxy alone, one small pile of sand in the beach. There are millions of galaxies in this universe which probably consist of the same things our galaxy does. This just means MORE suns and even MORE planets orbiting those stars. Knowing this, life being non-existent anywhere else seems almost impossible, chances are slim to none. By the way the age of of the universe is also a good point. The universe is supposedly 13.4 billion years old. There could've been hundreds of species before us and those who still thrive are probably much more advanced and venturing a far part of the universe. Or, we are among the first, awaiting others to become as advanced as us. 

There are also great arguments that can be provided by those who do believe we are indeed alone out here, more alone than someone who is single on Valentine's Day. One thing is that life needs certain minerals and elements to be able to survive and thrive. Water and oxygen are just the basic elements, and those are hard to find on planets in our own solar system, better yet other solar systems. There are also other factors that play a part in this argument, one major factor being the habitual zone. The habitual zone is the area that is the right distance from the sun for water to be existent on a planet. Even though some exoplanets were discovered in the habitual zone, some have problems of not having an atmosphere because of its size and mass. One of those planets is also tidally locked, meaning one side permanently faces the sun and the other faces the cold darkness of space. Orbit also comes into play, some planets have situations where they orbit way too close to the sun and then go way to far from the sun, like an oval shaped type of orbit. There can be many other factors that mess up hope for an exoplanet in the habitual zone. 

Some people are stuck in the middle, suggesting that maybe the are out there, but they are so far that we can't see them. Another suggestion is that they are just hiding from us, or just have no desire to travel into space better yet another solar system. Some people even suggest that maybe we are just too early or too late to the advanced civilization party. Either way it goes, I hope we find out this answer rather soon. 💯

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Are We Alone 👀
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