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Area 51 Janet Flights Avoid UFO Sightings

Ferry Flights Bring Contractors to Top Secret Base

Janet Flight

If you are traveling in or out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada you may have an opportunity to see the Area 51 Janet flights departing and arriving.

Janet Flight Departing McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

The reason these flights are important to pay attention to is they are additional evidence that there may be an Interstellar Spacecraft base operating out of the Nevada desert. The government which is possibly operating as a Hextocracy does not like to talk about it. The largest group of people who want to talk about the base claim it just facilitates development and testing of advanced earth developed aircraft such as the U-2 and SR-71.

SR-71 Under Development

The more extreme "ET" and "UFO" enthusiasts claim the base is being used to reverse engineer extra terrestrial spacecraft. No one seems to have put together the possibility it could really be an Interstellar spacecraft base. The possibility of Hetlau operating a hextary and are really using the development of advanced aircraft as a cover story to conceal the Interstellar spacecraft base still eludes everyone.

What is interesting about the Janet flights is they confirm there is enough going on out in the desert that a small fleet of aircraft are required to support whatever is happening out there. The fact that the government and military have denied every single UFO sighting since the era of Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward Ruppelt and yet operate a base with so much controversy surrounding it has to provide some concern there is more going on out there than we're being told.

Contractors that operate the Janet flights post job wanted ads that require the cabin crew to be able to obtain a top secret clearance. Clearly whatever these flights are possibly seeing when they are operating out in the Area 51 base is something the government and military don't want to be released to the public. The real question, then, is what is really going on out there? If it's just developing advanced Earth designed aircraft, then is it really that big a deal? If it's developing extra terrestrial spacecraft or operating an Interstellar spacecraft base that might be a different story.

Looking at this mini airline that supports the Area 51 base really makes you wonder. Since the base is so secret and difficult to drive to in a reasonable time frame it makes sense you need the Janet flights to support it. The question is, are they supporting Earthling goals or are they supporting Extra Terrestrial goals?

Janet Flight Aircraft Parked at McCarran Airport Terminal

What makes more sense is that most people think the term JANET is an acronym for Just Another Non Existent Terminal. Once you realize the possibility that Hetlau are here and are at war with us and mocking our intelligence using the concept of porphemes reveals a more appropriate meaning for JANET - ET JANitors. In other words, once you realize the possibility Hetlau are here as Extra Terrestrial Masters using the Earthlings Slaves to accomplish the goals calling the Janet flights as janitor flights is a lot more appropriate mocking the Earthlings as janitors to the mess the Extra Terrestrials are making down here.

Note how MASTER says Mind fASTER and SLAVE says SLow behAVE. Thus the Extra Terrestrials are the masters because their minds think quicker or are smarter and the Earthlings are the slaves because their minds think slower and thus are less intelligent.
The problems for Earthlings are as follows:

  1. they don't like to be insulted (called slaves)
  2. they don't want to believe they are being lied to
  3. they don't want to work to figure out what is going on
  4. they don't want to look at the worst case scenario
  5. they like to stay with the group
So you can see how it is difficult to realize the possibility Janet flights are supporting an Interstellar Spacecraft base when you can just stay comfortable with the group and believe they are supporting Earthling advanced aircraft designs.
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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Area 51 Janet Flights Avoid UFO Sightings
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