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A Violent and Cruel Excursion

Photo via Pinterest

The entity isn't surrounding the boy, as the boy has pushed him and myself away. I get sick of my fallen status and the entity approaches donning their fiery wings.

"I was like you once: Fallen, shamed, broken. Now look at me."

He stretches his wings to an astonishing wingspan and flaps his wings a few times to show his strength.

"You don't even have to beg to get the power that you need."

"How's that?" I reply with disbelief.

"The boy is already so close to becoming an angel. All we would have to do is ride him up. Become my second, and we will wreak havoc in Heaven." He said with the silkiest voice.

"How can he be mortal but an angel?"

"I know how you fell, you visited Earth one too many times and got caught. It works too, in reverse. If a mortal visits Heaven or Hell too many times, they become stuck there. Another entity is pushed into their body as a replacement since they are not actually physically dead. But their mind is long gone; this is what mortals call 'possession.'"

"And you say he is close to entering Heaven?"

"Yes. With my help of course. He did not used to be such a good person but I have helped him hide his evil side and fool the guards. Tonight he will enter and not leave. I will ride him up and will unleash chaos in Heaven with or without you. I simply want to offer you a chance to get your wings back."

"I need to think about this..."

As the day passes, I watch the boy and see his depression worsen. Without the entity surrounding him, he is weakened; most likely a side-effect from his siphoning. I've seen siphons when their source leaves, they are left drained and feeling empty. They generally need intimate interactions to replenish their energy but the boy has pushed everyone out of his life, so he has no one.

I know for a fact that the entity will return to him and he will absorb all of its energy; something that the boy will most likely do whilst thinking that he has full control over his power. That's exactly what the entities do; they allow the vessel, medium, or witch to believe that they have the power of the entity. That is not true, that's how they give the victim the illusion of control and gain a sense of dependance, and trust all at once. 

If I ride the boy up as well, then that means that his body will not survive the trip, meaning that he will enter Heaven but will have no way of getting back. I start to wonder about how his body will respond, most likely a brain aneurism, a stroke, or a heart-attack. Those are the most common symptoms. However, it occurs to me that the entity that has been surrounding him for so long, has accumulated an immense amount of power. So, even if I don't join the entity, the boy's body could still collapse. 

The night comes and I decide to join the entity.

The boy jolts in his sleep and we coax him out of his body. He follows us to the forest, where the veil is the weakest.

"I... I don't know if I'm strong enough." The boy responds to us with fear.

"You have all the power you need with us, we are here for you, helping you. You just have to reach out with your mind and envision the gates opening up. I know you can already see the shape and feel the presence of the gates. Just feel your way through."

"I..." The boy starts to have doubts.

"When you first called out to me, you were in so much pain, in tears and broken. I know you still feel like that now. This is better, you will go away peacefully instead of trying to overdose on pills again." I feel ashamed for telling the boy this, as I feel like I've sealed his fate.

"You're right." He states with the most confidence that I have ever seen. He has made his mind up and there is no changing it.

Me and the entity watch the boy open up the gates, he helps me hide myself from the guards as he knows that I'm not strong enough to resist them yet. The guards watch the boy enter and welcome him.

"You know that this will be your last visit? If you step through those gates, you will not return." One of the guards warns.

"Yeah, I know."

The guard seems shocked by the boys response and ushers him in.

The entity reveals itself and me. The moment it does so, my wings are restored.

"Abaddon!" One of the guards turns his spear towards him and attempts to strike at him.

Abaddon just swipes his hand and the guard hurls towards Earth just before the portal closes.

The other guard charges as he swipes his hand to shut the outer gate to Heaven. The boy grabs the gate and holds it, telling me to come through.

Abaddon grips the guard's spear and turns it on him, impaling him. I rush through the gate and Abaddon follows quickly after me. After he enters through, his wings fully expand and the spear that he stole changes into a twisted darker version. My wings turn from it's perfect grey color to pitch black.

The inner knights sound the alarm letting the Revered know that the outer gates of Heaven have been breached and to seal the inner gates. The Revered and three of their personal guards run into the inner gates and seal themselves in.

I've never seen such carnage and destruction. Normally I would feel horrified however, after my wing color change, I feel pure wrath. I reach down and grab a spear from a dead angel and I feel it change and manifest into my own personalized weapon.

I turn my gaze to a few of the particular angels that mocked me when I fell. I rush towards them and strike them down with ease. Abaddon crawls into my head and praises me. I continue to strike angels down. The boy looks at me with fear and runs.

The boy is running with the Revered's personal guards; heavily armored but swift. They appear to be taking him to the Revered's chambers. I don't know what took hold of me but I flap my wings as hard as I can to reach the boy, they have such power that they push nearby angels to the ground.

Abaddon sees this and charges with me. We slaughter those who don't side with us. The angels that join us, embrace our power and their wings turn from whatever color they were previously to pitch black and their overall shape changes.

Abaddon and his army  slaughter so many, I guess I have too. The bloodshed is unreal.

When we reach the inner gates, Abaddon presses his hands against the gates and emits a fiery glow from his palms. The glow extends and envelops the entire gates. They start to shake and rattle with what sounds like thunder.

The remaining angels that have the energy to fight turn their gaze to the gates and try to charge us. We defend Abaddon and within a few minutes, the gates are in ruins.

Abaddon, myself, and about 15 other fallen breach the gates. One of the Revered's knights aim both of his palms towards the gates and generates a force field, holding back the remaining fallen angels.

"Do you honestly think you can take all of us?" Abaddon gloats.

We charge and one-by-one two of the knights defend the sorcerer holding the force field. One of the knights ends up slaughtering five of the fallen before he is overwhelmed. The other, seven. Now it's just the remaining sorcerer, the five Revered, and the boy (unsure of his role in all of this).

It is just Abaddon, myself, and three other fallen against the six grouped garrison. The white-winged Revered go down quickly, their lack of experience of battle and rage makes them easy prey. The grey Revered is very difficult and ends up falling back to protect the last knight. The two black angels together end up taking down two of our last regiment; now it's down to three of us fallen verses two of the black-winged Revered.

Abaddon and myself watch as the last remaining fallen angel in our group attempts to strike down the two black-winged Revered. She is successful in striking one down and wounding the other but she misses, and hits her foot with the spear. The Revered pulls out a hidden dagger and jams it into the fallen's heart, killing the last of our group instantly.

Abaddon sees a pause in the combat and strikes back, with one quick thrust he strikes her in her throat and twists his spear, ripping her head violently off; surely a display of power. He grabs her severed head and throws it to the edge of the second force field that the last Revered has created, protecting himself and the last of their knights.

Abaddon and I look and each other and strike the shield simultaneously. We successfully pierce the shield and it takes about thirty seconds for the shield to completely collapse, at which point Michael (the grey Revered) advances to strike Abaddon but is interrupted by him gripping him by the throat.

Michael quickly reaches for his hidden dagger, but Abaddon intercepts him and turns the dagger on Michael, stabbing his side and tossing him to the side.

"I'll take my time with this one." Abaddon states to me, grinning looking at the last of the knights.

He knows. He knows that Michael could have fought harder to make my fall easier but he didn't.

I walk up to Michael and grab him by his throat.

"P... please. Don't do this." He begs me.

"Just like I begged you to not cast me out?"

I squeeze the life out of him and watch the light he had in his eyes drain into me. Using brute force and rage, I rip his head from his body. I turn to Abaddon and he has the last of the knights pinned to the ground and is pummeling him.

The last of the knights lies on the floor, badly beaten and bloodied. The force field is flickering, signs of it dropping soon; I'm still impressed at the knight's power, even in such a weakened state (bordering death) he is able to hold the shield.

Abaddon turns to the boy and asks his name and he whispers it in his ear.

"From this day forward, you shall be known as Abalam." He embraces the boy in a dark shrouded hug and the boy arises with blacken wings and pitch black eyes.

Abaddon turns to me and says, "You shall be Azazel." 

I nod and bow. Abalam grabs a fallen blade and strikes it into the knight's heart.

The boy is not the same boy that I met all those years ago, I watched as he  stabbed the knight. He twisted the blade with such pleasure and donned the widest grin while doing it.

The force field fell and the remaining fallen angels quickly joined us, celebrating our victory.

"This is a new Heaven!" Abaddon shouts.

Abalam and myself turn to him, and smile, the rest of the fallen angels cheer, stomp their feet, and slam their staffs in approval.

"Next, we turn towards Earth." Abalam adds.

Abaddon seems surprised by this, I am not. I watched the boy suffer and grieve. I know how much he hates humans. The rest of the fallen angels seem excited and Abaddon starts to assign different ranks and roles.

An attack on Earth... such a curious concept...

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