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A Beginners Guide to Life Through the Sky

Astrology covers a wide range of things, including your day to day life, your ambitions, your concerns, strengths, weaknesses and much more. The key to understanding how you can interpret the astrological world into your life, is to be open and understanding. Things won’t always be right, sometimes they will be scarily close and sometimes they will be vague. It’s what you do with the information you’ve acquired that can lead to a better lifestyle. This is just a beginners guide to see whether I should carry on in more detail.

Zodiac Signs

Learn your zodiac sign, learn it well. Write down all you can about it—make sure you understand what you're writing. Only then can you understand how personal the zodiac signs are to individuals. Once you’ve understood your own you can venture into other signs. Start with those close to you, try and see how you can interpret their sign, does it match their personality traits? Keep a note book of the different signs you work through, make notes on all of them over time and when you meet new people, search them up in your book of notes and see if you can match up their traits. After a lot of practicing, eventually you may be able to detect a persons zodiac sign before they tell you.


The planets come into play hugely in astrology. Different planets also have different personality traits. Learn these, write them briefly in your notebook. Depending on the day a person was born, the planets would be at a different point. For example, if there was a planet in your zodiac sign on the day you were born, it is highly likely that this planet will affect your personality traits. Planets are constantly moving so, throughout your life different ones will travel through your zodiac, causing different moods. Although, the planets don’t just affect you when they are in your zodiac. Planets go into different stages like moving direct or moving in retrograde. Depending on the way a planet is moving depends on how they will affect you.

The Moon

The moon has different phases. Each phase is said to create a different atmosphere around your life for you to work with. It is up to you to learn and keep track of these phases as it could be useful to you. This helps with planning ahead and making life decisions. For example, it may work out better for you to make a life changing decision when the moon is in a certain phase as you will feel more confident that the moon will allow you to flow easily into your decision.

Thanks for reading. As I said, this is just a quick beginners guide, please let me know if you would like me to carry on in more detail about individual star signs, planets and moon phases. Obviously I have a lot more to cover, but this is just the beginning. ☺️

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