1202 Duece Lee

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You have me, you want to share me. You share me, you no longer have me. What am I?

I can feed the bad, corrupt the good. I hold more power than I should. What am I?

Gain me and command productions, lose me and I cause destruction. What am I?

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Astral (Ch. 10)
2 months ago
Sleep paralysis, it's been years since I've felt this cold stiffness encasing me. Embracing what comes next never came easy. Still, I try and remember the evenings doing sleep studies with Mrs. Glitz....
Inferno (Ch. 9)
3 months ago
It's not like I thought it would be here. Actually–it's significantly colder than I imagined. The portal dropped us off in a desert of snow; and icy winds. Over there! Four pyramids. Each one, larger ...
Muladhara (Ch. 8)
4 months ago
The sad door moans as it opens into the lifeless one story home. The frightening woman I met just a few months earlier now drags her head in defeat. I rip the note from the door and follow Tilly insid...
Svadhishthana (Ch. 7)
4 months ago
I open my eyes to a city whose extravagance perfectly parallels the mundane nature of Angele Emerald. The tallest structure back there is the water tower, which is buckling under its own age. "Where a...
Manipura (Ch. 6)
5 months ago
“Conscious decision. Life without fear. Masterful influence over the mind. This is what the Divine has written for you.” Shaman? “Adrien. Stay with me.” Tilly. We were meditating. She said: “Breathe A...
Anahata (Ch. 5)
5 months ago
Pu-Tor. Argo. Pu-tor. I just keep repeating it as I stitch my side. A rusted needle and old thread I stole from one of the houses where I used to hide from the Lady in Red, before I was able to lose h...