Aaron Vegaa

I am a VR consultant at Microsoft. I am also the CEO of VegaamanDesigns founded in 2017. Since then my team & I have been studying Graphic Design and Digital Media. 

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Room #607
7 months ago
In the beginning of the next century after the fall of Sector 54_B a new darkness had to battle the light within that dimension eventually. With the black tar creatures locked away, there had been an ...
The Vegaa Star Saga Pt. II
7 months ago
Obi Wan reflected on what he had seen moments ago. An entity that was too powerful and concealed, perhaps this Titan had been dormant. Now that the Sith's reign no longer exists, it seems something fa...
The Vegaa Star
8 months ago
As the speed of light in the form of a human returned from a time-lapse-like paradox, the being itself realized that he had created a plethora of worlds behind him. One in which two gods created a chi...