Adam Dryden

Adam Dryden is a novel writer (in multiple senses of the phrase) who enjoys reading, playing video games, welding, building things, spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter... and of course, writing!

ALKAPHIRA: Chapter Three
a year ago
Dr. Greene winced as a crash rocked the hull. It felt as though they had landed. With eyes still wet from the soul-crushing epiphany of his own lost world, Jim shadowed Ivy through a cascading network...
ALKAPHIRA: Chapter Two
a year ago
Several hours had passed in calming silence as the battered escape pod spiralled through the glimmering black abyss of space. Dr Greene was drained, and his eyes were growing heavier by the minute. Iv...
ALKAPHIRA: Chapter One
a year ago
Mankind had long chased the dream of reaching immortality. It was the promised ultimatum of a galaxy controlled by the Divine Solar Emperor. He was god-like, technologically superior to the point of h...