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'Millennium': The X-Files' Creepier Cousin
5 months ago
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I give another shot to the maligned, forgotten, ignored, and freaky as hell. There are few shows that made the Fox Network a force to be reckoned with m...
'Deep Space Nine' - The Bravest Trek Series Turns 25!
7 months ago
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I shine the light on the overlooked, and it so happens that today's overlooked is a birthday boy! 25 years ago, the first Star Trek spin-off series not ...
'Ghost in the Shell': When Live Action and Anime Don't Mix
8 months ago
I've been known for keeping an open mind when it comes to movies. I have been pleasantly surprised more than once, and even the bad stuff at least gives me experiences worth talking about. Such is the...
'Lifeforce': Tobe Hooper's Misunderstood Masterwork
2 years ago
Hello, and welcome to Second Chances, the column where I give another look at a largely maligned or forgotten piece of pop culture. Whether movie, song, game, or whatever, everything that shows up her...