Aj Marciniak

Hellbound Saga: Book 1: Albador (5 & 6)
9 months ago
Chapter 5 "What do we do now?!" I asked Boris. "Now we have to fight. Here, take this." Boris reached into his pack and pulled out a torch and handed it to me. I held it in my left had as I held my dr...
Hellbound Saga Book 1: Albador
9 months ago
Chapter 3 The forest flew past as Kyra and I ran as fast as we could back to the farm, as we got closer I began to smell the smoke and could hear the panicked screams of the horses, but I had yet to h...
Hellbound Saga: Book One, Albador
10 months ago
Prologue My name is Casius Zellion, and this is my journal. After my "adventure" began, as Kyra likes to call it, someone told me that I should keep a journal to chronologically lay out the events of ...