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New Space Opera on Audible
3 months ago
This week the long anticipated Fire Fury Frontier hit Audible. With barely over 1,000 space operas available in audible's library, for sci-fi fans this is a huge win. The Fire Fury Saga has been recei...
The Sci-Fi 2019 Book Launch Party You Do Not Want to Miss!
6 months ago
°•▪ Fire Fury Frontier ▪•° °•¤ Online Launch Party ¤•° Featuring giveaways, guest authors, and a book launch. Shut. The. Front. DOOR! This is going to be an out-of-this-world kind of EPIC!!!!!! Next T...
Disheartened About SyFy Cancelling 'The Expanse?' Don't Be!
6 months ago
The hardest thing about being a science-fiction junky? Good books, games, films, and TV shows are few and far in between. This makes it all that much more exciting when a long-anticipated release is a...
The 2019 Sci-Fi We've Been Waiting For
7 months ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again: we need more science fiction! There's far from enough good sci-fi content available. Books, films, TV shows, video games—regardless of the media format, we n...
Folk Tales Podcast Interviews Science Fiction Author Amanda Rose About Upcoming Series
8 months ago
If there's one thing we science fiction junkies can't get enough of, it's good content. There never seems to be enough new gripping science fiction movies, TV shows, or books. We. Devour. Them. Partic...
5 Must Read Dystopian Novels!
8 months ago
Dystopian novels pique our interest and spark our imagination about the 'what if's' on society and survival. I love nothing more than a good dystopian novel to drift into. Dystopian novels have the op...