Andrew David

Andrew David Hunt is a blogger and short story writer he attained a Ba with honours in 2015 in English language and literature and has since then been seeking  means to publish his work. He lives in the county of Devon 

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This Haunted Space
2 years ago
Kit smiled. Her eyes glittered excitedly; while her wide mouth displayed a taught happy mischievous grin, as she looked out of the domed window, towards wild the swirling clouds of Jupiter’s fierce fi...
In a Gathering of Crows
2 years ago
'…The dream is a dark lagniappe. The crows are in flight. There are hundreds of them…hundreds of them…flying in a circle. It’s early…early in the morning…or evening… I can’t be sure of which… the clou...
This Earth Is Hell
2 years ago
“And death shall have no dominion” -Dylan Thomas I’m sending out this message to anyone in the proximity of this planet in the hope that people will stay clear. I... I am all that’s left of our crew. ...
2 years ago
The circular door shuddered violently with an uncustomary blackboard scraping “whhhirphhiss” in its desperate attempt to open. It stopped halfway; giving off a grinding squeal and a hiss of petulant s...
The 8th Day
2 years ago
"It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society" -Jidda Krishnamurti. ‘…At the beginning of the 8th day everything slowly turns to dark.' The words are muttered from the ...
2 years ago
Space is dark peppered with trillions of billions of millions of dots of light, that are streaking outward in spiral of tears, within this unfathomable black mass. Space is void, numb and mute. Space ...