Andrew Wilson

A Lincolnian, I am now living in London.If you would like your ancestors tracing, for a good price, please contact me. I have much experience of genealogy.

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6 months ago
I want to say something about astrology, and how it has helped me to view life from a different angle. I grew up believing in God, and going to church on Sundays, both of which I still do. I absorbed ...
Andor: a Star Trek Planet
a year ago
Andor was one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets in 2161 AD, situated in the Beta Quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy and having, in 2269, a population of a little under 1 billio...
Star Trek's Nyota Uhura
a year ago
In Star Trek's original series, which first aired on US television on 8th September 1966, and which, as it so memorably promised, boldly went where no television drama had been before, Nyota Uhura was...
Star Trek's Planet of Sex and Pleasure
a year ago
Risa is the capital planet of the Risian Hedony, a Federation member State, the homeworld of the humanoid Risian species, and a well-known tourist destination in outer space. Risa is the second planet...
10 Things You Should Know About Spock
a year ago
Spock is one of the greatest sci-fi creations, known across the world. Here are some interesting facts concerning him and his life, on the planet Vulcan, on Earth, and in outer space: 1. Spock was bor...