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So, to put it simply, I'm fascinated with life. And, well, writing about films, TV shows, videogames, geek culture overall, travelling, politics and Formula 1 is a fun way to explore it. 

It All Comes Together Where It Began: 4 Ways How Rest of the Star Wars Canon Enhances the Viewing Experience of 'A New Hope'
2 months ago
When a troubled indie movie called Star Wars took the world by storm in 1977, it created an enthusiastic fandom united in their love for the galaxy far away. However, as this galaxy expanded, so did t...
The Force That Binds the Galaxy Together: 2 Crucial Reasons Why the Jedi Were Wrong to Forbid Love
10 months ago
It's not really a stretch to say that, underneath all of that rich mythology, Star Wars is essentially an exploration of love. It's what drives the heroes of these stories forward and—for better or wo...
Brilliance Within Clunkiness: 6 Times When The Dialogue In The Star Wars Prequels Was Actually Great
a year ago
The fall of Anakin Skywalker and the Galactic Republic as depicted in the Star Wars prequels plays out like a true Shakespearean tragedy. Unfortunately, same can't quite be said about the dialogue wit...
Spark In The Dark: A Look Into Darth Vader's Twisted Sense Of Humor
a year ago
"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director." Although it remains to be seen just how well Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to stand the test of time with in the Star Wars universe, it...
A New Trope: These 3 Film Genres Would Thrive In The Star Wars Universe
a year ago
The circle is now complete. When Star Wars began with A New Hope, it was a case of creating this fascinating universe to tell a timeless tale in a new and exciting fashion. Now, with RogueOne: A Star ...
Why Is the 'Star Wars' Prequel Trilogy Becoming More Appreciated?
a year ago
When Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced their ambitious plans, it looked like an end of the line for the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Honestly, I really thought that they would have been forgotten an...