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Mystic and creative spirit with a Masters in Liberal Studies (concn. Creative Writing).

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Getting Started With Tarot
2 months ago
Divination through reading the cards, also known as cartomancy, attracts those who love cryptic symbolism. Don’t think “cryptic” to mean “incredibly difficult to understand” in this case. Tarot cards ...
Six Uncommon Magical Symbols or Items
5 months ago
Fancy yourself some cool symbols to satisfy an intellectual or mystical itch? Well, I hope you're ready for what's ahead. There are so many symbols out there that tickle our subconscious and reveal wh...
How Your Twin Flame Journey Affects Your Venus Sign
7 months ago
Before you eagerly scroll down to read about your Venus sign, your twin flame journey, and start dreaming about happily ever after, I got news for you: Your journey as a twin flame isn’t 100 percent r...
Why Would Empathy Make Me Psychic?
a year ago
So, how many “10 Signs You’re an Empath” articles have you read before you got here? You’re another walking radar of emotion and you just want to understand how that constitutes as psychic. Basically,...
How Kinetic Abilities Are Really Supposed to Work (Telekinesis and More)
a year ago
The mind and body are constantly communicating. We don’t think about how natural it is until we try out our mental energy on something that isn’t inherently natural to us, but some people have tried a...
Remembering the Astrological Houses the Easy Way - Get to the Point, Grimoire
a year ago
The signs, the planets, and the houses are all important in your chart and where they're positioned tells you even more. Clearly, there is a lot to remember when it comes to the zodiac, but I tend to ...