Benjamin Wareing

Journalist and photographer. News, opinions and politics are my forte. Futuristic dystopian is my kink.

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The Ethics of Science
2 years ago
Human ethics, or moral philosophy as academics like to call it, revolve around key debates that split the line between moral ethicality (a subjective and individualistic point of view) and scientifica...
How to Write a Dystopian Fiction
2 years ago
Dystopian fiction is a simply beautiful genre, captivating the core inner child within us all, fascinating us with the believably far-fetched and apocalyptic descriptives, and satisfying our deeply mo...
The Best (and Worst) Internet in the World
2 years ago
The internet drives almost every aspect of modern life, more so in developed countries than not. Everything from the phones in our pockets to the watches on our wrists, the fridges we use to the cars ...
A Crash Course on Curved Screens
2 years ago
Curved TV screens are one of those novelties of the 21st century that not many people quite understand. When we thought normal screens were good enough; higher pixel density, higher dynamic range and ...
The Atomic Age of Technology
2 years ago
Fallout 4 is one of my favourite video games of all time for one obviously-giant reason, its set in the 1950s, which is conveniently my favourite era of humanity. Without recognising the disgusting op...
I Was Needed 
2 years ago
I still struggle to fathom to the extreme extent to which the bitter cold clasped to my cracked lips, sharp daggers which impaled me with any minor movement. I was a prisoner within myself, my body be...