Brett Davidson

Author based in Wellington, New Zealand. As a boy, he managed by hook and by crook to get the first issue of Omni and became hooked himself.

As You Know Bob - The Body Is an Internal Organ
2 years ago
As you know Bob, it seems strange to us today, even somewhat disgusting, that we would wear dead, inert material. At least if we were to cover ourselves with mud, we would know that we were likely app...
As You Know Bob - My Brain Is a Glass House
2 years ago
As you know Bob, my brain is a glass house. A very warm, lush place where things grow—an Eden, as it were, where the first lovers abide. Why should I bring that up? Well, have you ever wondered what y...
As You Know Bob - Silence Is Golden
2 years ago
As you know Bob, the discovery of the aliens in our solar system saved the world, and they will continue to keep us safe, provided that we never contact them. It has often been said that contact with ...
As You Know Bob - I Don’t Exist 
2 years ago
As you know Bob, I don’t exist—but I am, for all intents and purposes, immortal. You must have wondered many times of course just what is meant by the word "self." Certainly there is conscious awarene...