Brian C.

I'm a father of 2 boys, I am mostly chugging through this life looking for a better way of providing for my family. The daily grind has become far too intrusive, impersonal and negligent for my liking, and I need to find a better way!

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Should We Really Be Afraid of All the Asteroid News Hitting Us Lately?
5 days ago
If you haven't heard the news regarding the asteroids coming "close" to Earth this past week, then you must have been hanging out in a cave in the great outdoors somewhere. Earlier this week, an aster...
Did NASA Really Capture an Image of a UFO?
9 days ago
This story will be directly tied to the image that has been uploaded alongside it. This image, taken as a still from NASA's Live feed of planet Earth (which if you don't know, NASA has a High Definiti...