Brian K. Henry

Brian K. Henry is the author of I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter and Space Command and the Planet of the Bejewelled Concubines. Follow him on twitter and check out his Amazon Author Page:

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The Invisible Mummy Goes to Lunch
2 years ago
The Invisible Mummy dragged his bandaged feet across miles of bleak desert before finally sighting a place to assuage his raging hunger: a vulnerable, isolated Del Taco. The Invisible Mummy grunted in...
The Invisible Mummy
2 years ago
The Invisible Mummy was having another bad day. He’d been causing disturbances at the used car dealership, making mild bits of mayhem by disconnecting computers from wall sockets, smearing windows wit...
The Clowns of the Moon
2 years ago
Langston grimly watched the sad-looking clowns go through their routines. The dire moon, with its grey valleys and thin ponds of aquamarine goo, had enough difficulties, the inhabitants eking out an e...
The First Cocktail Waitress in Space
2 years ago
“Bet they got ‘em an awesome snack bar on that thing.” Prusella smacked her gum, her eyes on the aerodynamic FlashMychat capsule in the pink-and-cranberry Tour Launch Aerodome. “That all you can think...
I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter
2 years ago
Here's a brief excerpt from my Young Adult Paranormal novel I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter. In this segment, the protagonist, 16-year-old Devin Mulwray, is exploring the old Rousten Manor in the dark wi...