Brian Switek

Brian is the author of My Beloved Brontosaurus, Written in Stone, and other books. He also writes the Laelaps blog for Scientific American and publishes on fossil discoveries in outlets from Smithsonian to the Wall Street Journal.

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The Dead Zoo: Dilophosaurus
2 years ago
The way some hipsters talk about bands, hardcore paleo fans talk about fossils. “Oh, you only heard of mosasaurs because of Jurassic World? I was into those aquatic lizards back when they were eating ...
The Dead Zoo: Triceratops
2 years ago
Triceratops always seemed like a friendly dinosaur to me. I’m not exactly sure why. It couldn’t have been because of Uncle Beazley. That dinosaur was before my time, and I didn’t encounter him at the ...
The Dead Zoo: Smilodon
2 years ago
Smilodon looks like a cat evolved for violence. The feline’s fangs – long enough to inspire fear, just short of being ridiculous – seem to leave little question as to what this Ice Age carnivore was a...
The Dead Zoo: Edmontosaurus
2 years ago
Dinosaurs are always changing. Even if bones have been pieced together and reconstructed in more or less in their present configurations for decades now, studies of those bones and additional fossils ...
The Dead Zoo: Uintatherium
2 years ago
No one knows what Uintatherium is. Not entirely. There are plenty of terms that can help us feel around the outline of this long-deceased beast. Mammal. Eocene. Fossil. Extinct. Massive. But despite b...
The Dead Zoo: Stegosaurus
2 years ago
Stegosaurus means “roofed lizard.” I never really understood why. The trundling herbivore bore an offset row of bony, triangular plates along the midline of its back, but this arrangement didn’t reall...