Brian Taylor

I post new chapters twice a week. 12 Blackened Petals is the story of a young man that becomes a god and the chaos that ensues from that rapid ascension. Violence and heartache reign with each petal that falls.

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God Wasn't There (Ch. 2)
7 months ago
Power over people is a very interesting thing. We see it a lot in the animal species of the world. The strongest animal usually gets the first choice of meal and mate. In more complex species, it becomes more of a power dynamic. That position of dominance is given with an expectation that the animal with the most power is there to defend its group and therefore when the time comes, that animal will use that power to protect those that protect them. But unfortunately, that’s not the way it works ...
God Wasn't There (Ch. 1)
7 months ago
Have you ever had one of those days that makes you question what the fuck this is all for? Today was one of those days that really caused that question to race through my head. It wasn’t just your average everyday kind of frustrating. This was a special kind of frustration. You see, I’ve been strolling around on this little blue speck of dust as it has flown through the emptiness of space around the sun 42 times. For those of you that didn’t understand that analogy, it means that I’m probably wa...
12 Blackened Petals Chapter 5
2 years ago
Chapter 5: Shock of it All Sam’s mind slipped into a flashback from twenty-four hours earlier. He stood on the roof of a building he had been looking at for weeks. He was studying it with special attention to the proximity of its neighbor. He was trying to size up the distance from one rooftop to the other. From the ground, it looked like ten feet. Also, it appeared that this building was about a five or six-foot height difference. Sam kept telling himself that this would be a piece of cake. He ...
12 Blackened Petals Chapter 4
2 years ago
Chapter 4: 24 Hours Later This again. He thought he would never wind up here after the last time. In fact, it had been almost five years since he was here. He hated this place. Everything about it was uncomfortable and painful. Especially when he first got here. It was as if he went through the same bullshit every time. He didn't like a single thing about this horrid hole in the middle of wherever. Everything here sucked, but the pit was the worst; and unfortunately, it was the only way in or ou...
12 Blackened Petals Chapter 3
2 years ago
The third floor, right at the end of the hall and 4th door on the left. He could find his way to it blindfolded. The first time he came here, he made sure to memorize exactly where this was. Julia’s apartment has always been in the same place, at least for the five years that he had known her. He could still remember the first time they met quite vividly. It was on the staircase in front of the building. She was sitting there reading a book that was way above his reading level. That perfectly da...
12 Blackened Petals Chapter 2
2 years ago
Chapter 2: A Dark Side Sam loved walking through the city. It was a unique place that was always busy and full of such diversity. You could be as loud as you wanted and no one would care. He could be invisible. These walks always gave him time to think. Time to reflect on the goals and matters at hand and time to reflect on how to repair the cracks in his inner walls before anything else seeped through. On the outside, Sam appeared to be your average everyday young man. He did not have any stran...