Brutalist Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the stark style of the functionalist architecture, that is characterised by the use of concrete.

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Brutalist Stories #31
a month ago
I’m looking around at their swollen, sunken eyes as they talk aimlessly with each other, prattle on about what’s about to take place, about what they’re going to do with me. “Lieutenant Commander, you...
Brutalist Stories #30
2 months ago
“I respect anyone that looks afraid,” I turn and say to her, and she knows, she gets it, she can see it in them too as they pass by on the way to the portal, the immense queue that seems to back up fo...
Brutalist Stories #29
2 months ago
“When did the call come in?” he said, pacing down the corridor bringing up the readouts and latest communications on his forearm implant. “2300 hours, sir,” the private replied, trying to keep up, dod...
Brutalist Stories #28
2 months ago
Two men and 10,000 bullets, that’s all it seemed to take, on the outside at least anyway. That’s what they all reported, fed through the feeds for weeks and months afterwards, the stories of heroism o...
Brutalist Stories #27
3 months ago
“You are fucking with our programme, Terrance!” I shout and hear him screaming out his insane laugh as I take the goggles off for a second to go over the top. They say never break out, never go over t...
Brutalist Stories #26
3 months ago
Fifteen years? Seems longer somehow. Fifteen years ago they appeared in the sky. From Zero, things hit One pretty quickly. Boom, they were just there, one minute we’re alone in the universe, well, at ...