Brutalist Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the stark style of the functionalist architecture, that is characterised by the use of concrete.

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Brutalist Stories #37
2 hours ago
Blood on these hands. How long has it been now since we started all this? Years. Years and years. Too long for any one person to stand, too long for the people to have to cope, but we carry on all the...
Brutalist Stories #36
6 days ago
The memory of a memory of a memory. What am I supposed to be remembering here? This thing they’re trying to get from me, right? I’m here to try to help them? Are they asking me or telling me? There’s ...
Brutalist Stories #35
12 days ago
“Impenetrable?” He asks for the thousandth time, same as he always does, running his hand across the concrete, looking up at the gigantic structure. “Yes, sir. Impenetrable, the design is flawless.” I...
Brutalist Stories #34
14 days ago
“Green Skull, why do you wait, what’s the issue? What’s the problem?” I say, I know what the reply is going to be, something to do with not seeing things the right way. It never plays out like it shou...
Brutalist Stories #33
16 days ago
I am become still. There’s a world around me, shifting constantly with all its spikes and tension, and among them all I am still, left, in the middle. I can see what is either side. There is one hand ...
Brutalist Stories #32
18 days ago
I stop us both and point to the man smoking a cigarette leant against the concrete wall in a dark-brown, three-quarter length jacket. I turn to her and she nods, she knows, she gets it, we’re in sync ...