Brutalist Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the stark style of the functionalist architecture, that is characterised by the use of concrete.

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Brutalist Stories #60
a year ago
We stole the stars from their sky, we stole the seas from their planet, we stole the souls from their young, and when there was nothing else left to take, we burnt them up like any other planet. There...
Brutalist Stories #59
a year ago
“I would suggest you relinquish your weapons immediately, I am tracking you with anti-phazic daisy-cutters.” She pauses and looks at me, furrowing her brow before starting again. “You know, I’d love y...
Brutalist Stories #58
a year ago
“You wanna be scared?” the major asked, walking along the wall of concrete, pock marked and bitten with time and war. Bullet holes the size of fists, the crumbling grey matter lay strewn all around wi...
Brutalist Stories #57
a year ago
A woman walks into the room holding a large yellow ball in one hand. It’s a tall room with spiking concrete shafts that are split occasionally with slits of light, highlighting motes of grey dust that...
Brutalist Stories #56
a year ago
She came outside, leant on the tilled wall outside the huge overhang of the Ministry of Cyber Affairs, and lit a cigarette. Holding it down, the smoke in her lungs releasing that kick of nicotine, thr...
Brutalist Stories #55
a year ago
“You’re afraid,” I say to him and he nods and looks up at me through his furrowed brow, the shake in his hand calming. “We’re all afraid,” I smile and hold the glass front of my helmet against his. I ...