Brutalist Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the stark style of the functionalist architecture, that is characterised by the use of concrete.

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Brutalist Stories #52
4 days ago
Another day in the dark. Another day stranded in the night. Here for who knows how long now, supplies running low, our power almost completely gone, there’s nothing or no one left, at least it would s...
Brutalist Stories #51
5 days ago
She rolled over to me and said, ‘Where does trust come from?” I just stared back at her, looking into those deep blue eyes, the weak morning sun coming through the blinds, highlighting the dust in the...
Brutalist Stories #50
19 days ago
He comes walking out of the mist. That man, the suit, the tie, the indiscriminate face that I’ve see a thousand times before across a thousand worlds. He’s one with the Gods, he’s one with something b...
Brutalist Stories #49
a month ago
I’m stood by the gigantic door, looking over the crew as half of them quickly set the detonators and the other half desperately hack into the mainframe. “The clock is ticking gentlemen! Need I remind ...
Brutalist Stories #48
2 months ago
There’s a giant in the room, and he’s staring at me. Huge sunken eyes, wide with fear that twitch and pulse in the dark. I stare back at him and whisper, “I will make chaos for you.” He closes his eye...
Brutalist Stories #47
2 months ago
“We are born out of need and therefore, pain,” I say to the crowd, the audience, the world, nine billion people on this planet alone, countless more across the universe that we have conquered. “That n...