C.G. Lane

A writer: lost in America, surrounded by mediocrity, low on beer.

The Accidental Tourist: 1889
10 months ago
“I say… What was that?’ The artificial intelligence designated Digital Ultrafast Memory Banks 5000, or D.U.M.B. 5000, (and yes, the irony of this was completely lost on him) was detecting something he...
The Room
a year ago
Xiphos paused briefly and quieted his breathing so he could listen for what may be ahead. His vision was limited to the small globe of illumination cast by his torch and this limited visibility troubl...
Lost in the Wilderness
a year ago
I am still stuck here on this planet with these monkeys who have learned to dress themselves. This rudimentary ability has given them a most inordinately high opinion of themselves. They are, by and l...