Caleb Sherman

Host of the Youtube series The Year in Gaming, Final Fantasy completionist, Real-Time Strategy lover and loser, massive fan of Dune and lover of horror movies.

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Looking Forward to 'Star Wars: The Rule of Two' Trilogy
10 months ago
Recently, while out to dinner with a friend of my wife's—and in turn a friend of my own I suppose—I had the sheer pleasure of discussing the train wreck that was Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. Between...
Let's Talk About Dun(e)can Idaho
a year ago
The Duniverse (that is, the Dune Universe), whose life began with the publication of Frank Herbert's original masterpiece in 1965, is a lush wonderland of possibilities, despite its arid world of ince...
Common Man's View: 'Extinction'
a year ago
Extinction, a Good Universe production and recently released Netflix film, presents the story of Peter (Michael Pena), the father of a family faced with the “extinction” of the human race following an...
Looking Forward to Legendary 'Dune'
a year ago
Dune, Frank Herbert's 1965 science fiction masterpiece and the series that followed, should be the cinematic master series of the 21st century. In a cinema culture dominated by the continuing Star War...
The Great Mars Escape
a year ago
I awoke this morning from a terrific dream, or as terrific as one might have in my situation. I dreamt of escaping this God-forsaken farm, and joining the Resistance. The fields were no longer stretch...
'Star Wars Rebellion' PC Game Review
a year ago
Amongst my many forays into strategy games and science-fiction universes, Star Wars has been a topic—much like Dune—which raises its head over and over again. Understandably so, Lucas Arts and Lucas F...