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Divisible (Ch. 5)
a month ago
CHAPTER FIVE Disclaimer: The racial epithets and slurs used in this chapter are not intended to malign anyone, nor to reflect the attitudes of the author. Though some aspects of this work are inspired...
Divisible (Ch. 4)
4 months ago
Catch up here: ONE, TWO, THREE FOUR I sank into the shallow, unfulfilling bath; once a luxury, now the bare minimum of hygiene. The water was tepid, warmed enough to not cause hypothermia. Shampoo was...
Divisible (Ch. 3)
4 months ago
Catch up here: ONE and TWO
Divisible (Ch. 2) [NSFW]
4 months ago
I lie beside the Head, frozen in trauma. Had it minutes or hours since he finally rolled off me? It was traditional for the Head of House to sleep with their concubine the night of the ceremony. There...
Divisible (Ch. 1)
4 months ago
ONE My mother affixed sprigs of baby's breath to my hair piece in between the carnations. I stared at myself transforming, being decorated like a Christmas tree or a seven-layer cake. The makeup was t...
Voices of the Live Ones: Chap 1 Pt 1
2 years ago
Voices of the Live Ones Part One – Crack in the Glass Eye Chapter One: Embers I once believed in a True Earth. That’s what the textbooks read: “For when our souls finally leave the ruins of This Earth...