Charlotte Williams

Creative Writing student from the UK.

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Gods and Goddesses of War in Mythology
3 months ago
Indulge me for a minute, would you? You’re about to go into battle against your country’s most formidable foe. They have 100,000 men in their army and have been burning and pillaging the countryside. ...
Dark Facts About the Greek Gods
4 months ago
The Ancient Greeks reinvented the world through philosophy, architecture, literature and so much more. Lovers of learning and the founders of a mighty empire, the Greeks knew no bounds. They dedicated...
Gods and Goddesses of Love in Mythology
9 months ago
Of the two main forces in our world, good and evil, love is the most powerful weapon. It is the basis for many of the world’s religions and occurs in all prominent mythologies. Here are ten of the top...
Gods and Goddesses of Death in Mythology
2 years ago
In order for the good to be considered ‘good’, we need the binary opposite. This demand for balance is woven all throughout life, with ‘death’ being what gives life 'life'. In religion, the gods of de...