Chas C. Smith

I'm the author of Sweethearts: An American Telenovela. I've always loved creating that feeling of intrigue in readers. I work to make everything I do enjoyable. Twitter:@ChasCSmith FB:

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Sweethearts Chapter 3
a year ago
Chapter 3 With Zaz having been stabbed, Rebecca's nights had become restless. The worst part is she didn't know why... Rebecca stood at the beachside, staring off into the sunset. The waves were comin...
Sweethearts: Chapter 2
a year ago
Chapter 2 Yes, as destiny had it, the girl in Zaz's dream was the one to save his life. So it would seem but as quickly she had appeared in his life she just as quickly disappeared... It had been a fe...
Sweethearts: Chapter 1
2 years ago
Zaz is in love. Unfortunately, he's in love with two different women. Before you get critical, he's not dating either one of them right now. Let us start from the beginning. Zaz started his day as he ...