Christian McFadden

I am a collegic student-athlete blessed with many talents, one of them seems to be creative thinking and storytelling in my fortunate case! I hope you enjoy this series, ill put out as much as I can. There will be projects in the future.

The Four Man Invasion: Part Three
23 days ago
The time to reunite the crew is soon at hand. But what other mysteries about these constellation explorers can we muddle through before the hour? A stasis pod is hanging from a tree leaf and burning t...
The 4 Man Invasion [Part 2]
2 months ago
Minutes earlier . . . Shing! Shing! Shing! A holo machete cuts through heavy thick gushing vines and treacherous roots that come up to a normal man's chin from deep underground and up. One of the merc...
The 4 Man Invasion
3 months ago
Captain Thomas awakes on a wide open field of tall green thick grass covered in a gray dense fog concealing the black mushy soil beneath him. Hanging just above the captain a couple feet high are part...