Christine 'Kitabug' Cates

I am a writer, or well, I would like to think I am. I have enjoyed writing since I was very young. I guess you could say since I picked up a pencil. I have had many good comments on my stories, so I hope you enjoy them as others have. 

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Dragon Lance - Chapter 10
4 months ago
“Celty, I’m here,” Kirito called out to her. “But Cloud won’t let me close to you,” he informed her as he tried to step around the white stallion once more. The horse only stepped in his way blocking ...
Dragon Lance - Chapter 9
4 months ago
Once Guild Master Thoin left there was not much talking, or well, nothing that was of importance that was. It was then Celty determined she could leave without missing anything that might be crucial t...
Dragon Lance - Chapter 8
4 months ago
Three hours later with a short break to water and rest the horses as well as themselves, they found themselves at a crossroad waiting for the troop from Knights of The Mystic Dragon. They dismounted s...
Dragon Lance - Chapter 7
5 months ago
About twenty minutes later, Celty was dismounting and leading her horse through the small village of Slycrest. She thought with the way Kirito explained it he was at the East entrance, but apparently ...
Dragon Lance - Chapter 6
5 months ago
It was later in the evening as Tanya entered the city of Swilvane, Sylph territory. When she entered the town, she did not see anyone she knew, and it would be hours before Satyr would be there. With ...
Dragon Lance - Chapter 5
5 months ago
The time had come as Tanya sat behind the large conference table of the Knights, she was a little early, so it was no surprise she was in there alone. She was going over different scenarios in her min...