Crow Zing

Intrigued by all the complications and glitches around me, I want to write about them all.

Is Our Life Real?
16 days ago
The Truman Show, the 2000 movie that starred Jim Carrey had an immense impact on people, more than it should. The show really made its audience think that if they are living in a fake reality where th...
Saving 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'
a month ago
ENTRY #1.004 Our next mission was lighter and less consequential than our previous one with Andreas Vesalius. 'Whew' that was a close one but nevertheless, when we returned back to our present, we got...
Is the Matrix Real?
a month ago
The movie that came out in 1999 written by The Wachowski Brothers (now The Wachowskis), starring Keanu Reeves blew our mind with their plot about how the world is computer generated—and how the group ...
Have Aliens Finally Visited Earth? Or Is It a Complete Buff?
a month ago
If you've not yet surfed the internet for your daily news then you wouldn't know about a potential humanoid UFO floating over Mexico. This happened last week when a potential humanoid UFO was spotted ...
An Atheist's Guide to Religion
a month ago
In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, suddenly, there was light. Then came humans, then the animals that could accompany the humans. That's how everything started, according to some religion. Som...
What Makes A.I. Intellectual?
a month ago
Growing up, I've always placed psychology as a category separate from all the "hard science," some call it "soft" science but as cheesy as it sounds, I'd rather call it future science. Artificial Inte...