Crow Zing

Intrigued by all the complications and glitches around me, I want to write about them all.

What Makes A.I. Intellectual?
a year ago
Growing up, I've always placed psychology as a category separate from all the "hard science," some call it "soft" science but as cheesy as it sounds, I'd rather call it future science. Artificial Inte...
Book Review: 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'
a year ago
One of Dick's most famous and beloved works to date, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? is about a world where androids called Nexus-6 become a part of the world; there are rogue robots who have hum...
The Time Traveler #1
a year ago
ENTRY #1.002 I signed it and didn't even think over the fact that I had a daughter, nevertheless, I would've embarked on this absurd journey than to spent my time being tortured in Cuba. I met the fiv...
The Time Traveler #Prologue
a year ago
#ENTRY 1.001 I didn't know how to start this, even though I've done harder practical tasks but Lucy thought it would've been therapeutic for me to list down my part of the reality on pieces of paper t...
a year ago
At the reminiscence of the events he dissociated from, his eye shone bright, blinding white rays to the infinitely remaining globe. He was the sole being, the sole physical being everyone had dissocia...
The Unseeing Boy
a year ago
Blind to the depth of the ocean Where secrecy seeks home Unknown to his boyish insouciance eyes The Unseeing boy drowned to the depth of his demise. Bubbles pumped through his nostrils As he let go hi...