Crow Zing

Intrigued by all the complications and glitches around me, I want to write about them all.

The Elephant Man Clinical Trial: Part Two
a year ago
Dr. Ganesh Suntharalingam was called in when his colleague explained the situation to him. Rob: "They had the mask tightly on our faces because the blood and fluids were leaking into our lungs." They ...
The Elephant Man Clinical Trial: Part One
a year ago
In 2006, when eight men checked into the Northwick General Hospital in London for taking part in a clinical trial for a new drug, they never thought they would be fighting for their lives. The trial w...
The Ethical Problem of CRISPR?
a year ago
CRISPR is becoming a demanding technology. Experimental trials are going to be held in the coming year, but is society welcoming the most important scientific discovery of our generation? The opening ...
Are We Going to Cure Cancer with CRISPR?
a year ago
Remember GATTACA, the movie featuring Ethan Hawke living in a world where the genetics of people are improved because they use biometrics to help edit the genes of those subjected to disorders? The ma...
Book Review: The Man In the High Castle
a year ago
Before the book review, understanding the meaning of Philip K. Dick's writing is important, I don't mean the writing style or anything as such, I mean the message behind the writing which is the basis...