A University Student studying Creative Writing in London.

The Author of a world called Orbis. 

Orbis—Emerald Civil War, 630 BDW
7 months ago
After months of silence, I've decided that now is a good enough time in my life to continue this profile. Since starting university as a creative writing student, I’ve had a lot of time to write more ...
Orbis - Brief History Chapter 4
a year ago
The term “Ari” is used to describe all elves. The term itself is a key word in the history of Orbis that represents the importance of magic and knowledge throughout the world. Draoix, the God of Magic...
Orbis - Brief History Chapter 3
a year ago
The Stenraadi Nomadic Folk: Aside from the Wargothian and the Oakmen, the last remaining species of man are the Stenraadi Nomadic Folk and the forest folk whom go by the name of the Faesiul. These men...
Orbis - Brief History Chapter 2
a year ago
Wargothia: Next on the regional list of Lilacia, we have Wargothia. Located to the immediate south of the Cursed Lands, and completely cuts off all routes to the northern region of Lilacia. The region...
Orbis – Brief History
a year ago
The Cursed Lands. The northernmost region of the continent of Lilacia; home to many of orbis’ magic wielded. The region got its name from the sinister magic that shrouds the landscape. The land is mur...