Dana Halladay

A recent graduate of Creative Writing. Poet, short story and novel author.

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The Tale of the Monster Hunters, Part 3
2 years ago
That night, sleep escaped Jax and Dasia, even though deep down they knew they would need it. They tossed and turned in their grey duvet, spooning or lying back to back. Hours went by. Dasia watching t...
The Tale of the Monster Hunters, Part 2
2 years ago
On the next flight they could catch, Jax and Dasia were on their way to Buckingham Palace. But this wasn't their first trip here. Flight records show that on business, the hunters flew to London 86 ti...
The Tale of the Monster Hunters, Part 1
2 years ago
Growing up, we were all told stories of monsters, aliens, princes and princesses, witches and wizards. And how they were all defeated by magic, love or by laser guns from a distant planet that the wri...