daniel morris

Sci fi writer, Laser maker, tecnician, Navy Vet, one that enjoys video and board games, and movies

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Dark System 3
15 days ago
When Doctor MacLaine comes too after a quick combat with a new life form, he must convince her that he means her no harm, though he is not sure if she means him harm. The first thing I realized as I c...
Out of Time
24 days ago
In a world devastated by a chromal shift of their parent star, the last great power must be on constant look out to reclaim the knowledge of the past and add people with skill in the present to rebuil...
Raid of Pride
a month ago
While on patrol, a security vessel, ‘Pride’s Call,’ is assigned to investigate an unknown base on an ice world moon, orbiting a gas supergiant, in a brown dwarf system. When it is discovered what the ...
Kyoto Protocol
2 months ago
A mysterious signal radically shifts the destiny of an entire world...
Modern Mancy 2
2 months ago
After surviving the carnage, our reluctant heroes must learn to trust each other, so that they can start the journey to reclaim honor... Light slowly seeped through the morning fog as morning birds be...
Symbiote Chapter 6
2 months ago
Hanover and some other techs are tasked with proving a problem with the radar exists, much to Hanover's disdain. The radar equipment room of the Tesla was full of towers containing the circuitry that ...