daniel morris

Sci fi writer, Laser maker, tecnician, Navy Vet, one that enjoys video and board games, and movies

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The Aurum Throne
a year ago
After it becomes apparent the health of the leader of Khmst’ashkal is failing and would never recover, the members of the Quarahm began to vie for position in the next reign. Many may fight to lead. I...
Guard Dog
a year ago
Plot: While tracking down an assassin a meteorite explodes in mid air, the lone survivor begins to exhibit increased strength, healing factor, libido, better senses, and increased cognitive abilities....
Stellar Cruise Part 3
a year ago
As the years long journey continues, tensions start to rise as the passengers and crew suffer through boredom... The game had not been as easy to program as Jesivel thought it would be. It seemed that...
Stellar Cruise Part 4
a year ago
Kestra manages to make her message heard, the will of the bored zombies is begining to crumble... The past week Kestra had been under cabin arrest was the worst in history. She was so bored that she w...
Stellar Cruise Part 2
a year ago
When there is nothing to do, people will find a way Rory shared a cabin with one of her best friends from college. They had shared a dorm for the better part of five years, and were now both on their ...
Stellar Cruise Part 1
a year ago
Just another day on an interstellar cruise, we find some of the passengers getting to know each other... The darkness of space stretched infinitely in all directions. One could look out any viewport a...